Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The danger of self diagnosis.

 The dangers of self diagnosis are very real.  Now I suffer from the occasional eye infection, nothing major just a sty or a touch of conjunctivitis now and again, now out of curiosity I looked it up on the dreaded Google!
 Well it seems I have every disease known to man (and woman) and a few that are not known, including east Portuguese cat-leg-foot pox.  Now fortunately I'm not a nervous sort of bloke or by now I'd be in a blind panic on the phone to Harley street for the world leading expert in eye infections to rush over and sort it out.
 So theres a warning, if you have a health issue and your worried it about go and see your doctor, don't look it up on Google as A you'll be none the wiser as it could be pretty much anything, and B Google likes to concentrate or the worst case. So if you have a runny nose it'll tell you that you'll be dead by friday.  Now to be fair it is technically right, one day you will be dead before a friday, but that may be seventy years away so stop worrying about it.

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