Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tesco and bingo

Who in Tesco Port Talbot thought bingo in the shop was a good idea?
It's supposed to be a food shop for heavens sake, yet it's almost impossible to actually shop in the bloody place.
I've mentioned before that the nutter count in there is off the scale to start with, that makes shopping hard work. Trying to get past people pretending to be aeroplanes, and the groups of escaped mental patients gossiping in the aisles is hard work.
Why Tesco allow so many idiots who lets face it aren't shopping to loiter around in the warm is beyond me, proper shoppers are heading for Asda or somewhere in droves.
This brings me to the bingo. Where exactly a game of chance (gambling) fits into a shop full of nutcases has me stumped, and why did they think gambling at Easter (a religious holiday remember) was a good thing.  With the shop packed with a combination of mental hospital rejects, old ladies trying to keep warm and nine people actually trying desperately to fucking buy food what do they do?. Start playing fucking bingo, thats what!
How totally stupid is that, to make life just a fraction worse the morons are shouting BINGO!!! every few minutes, even the bloody staff on the tills.  I stopped putting my shopping out, and asked the checkout operator should I wait until she starts working again? She looked confused (it doesn't take much in there) then realised I was taking the piss and stopped shouting.
So Tesco, do you have the proper permits to play bingo for prizes? And do you honestly think it's selling more stuff, because it isn't.
For Gods sake please chuck out the nutters who aren't bloody shopping, stop the crap and see if that gets proper customers back in.

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