Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Independence day resurgence (film review)

"Two decades after the first Independence Day invasion, Earth is faced with a new extra-Solar threat. But will mankind's new space defenses be enough?"

 This film picks up 20 years later in a very different world, things have changed doe to the use of the alien technology.
 Theres a few familiar faces from the first film, but this isn't even close to the original.  The acting is very average, people are stereotyped and it's got a low budget feel to it despite it costing around $165 million.  You can see why Will Smith didn't do it.
 Special effects are well up to the usual these days but you still need good acting and a decent plot.
Waynes rating 5/10

Monday, June 27, 2016

Memory Loss

 It's well known that as you get older the memory starts to go.  I've just spent about two hours looking for a small torch...  I'll start at the beginning...
 I was sorting out my camera bag today ready for a photo shoot thats coming up and while going through the odds and sod's side of the bag I noticed there was a small torch missing, it's a cree Q5, single AA battery and quite bright for it's size, anyway it's not where it lives in my camera bag.
 I start looking for it, is it in my small bag?... No.  Is it in my rucksack, well theres one in there but not the one from the camera bag.  Then I start working my way through my coat pockets... No, it turns up all sorts of stuff including a car wing mirror (the pockets are bigger on the inside like Dr Who Tardis) but again not the missing torch. At this point I start wondering if I've lost it, has it fallen out or have I lent it to somebody?  I try to remember when I last used it (I have a torch in my pocket normally anyway) so it isn't used that often.  Then I remember going out to shoot some "night vision" bigfoot videos... Ands thats when the penny dropped!  I remembered I'd taped the torch to my monopod to help light me up for the video... Bugger!!!  Two bloody hours wasted because my memories going...
 Next week it'll be "where the bloody hell am I?" if my memory gets much worse....

Sunday, June 26, 2016

National botanical gardens Wales. (part 4)

And the last of my pics.

National botanical gardens Wales. (part 3)

 Part 3

National botanical gardens Wales. (part 2)

 Heres part 2.

National botanical gardens Wales. (part 1)

National botanical gardens Wales.
 We took my mother there a few days ago for a day out, I'd been there once before but only as far as the front gate (very long story) so I've never seen the inside.
 We ended up wandering around for 5 hours, thank goodness they have wheelchairs to borrow.
 Anyway heres some pics  Keep in mind I'm traveling light so no autofocus lens.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Tardis

Found the Tardis yesterday.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Referendum results

 17.6 million voted to leave the EU and 16.1 voted to stay in, I suspect the leave figures would have been much higher if the panic ridden scaremongering telling us shit like we'd all die from fish tank poisoning if we left the EU.
 To be honest it should really be illegal to make false made up claims to influence a vote or referendum.
 Still it's a result, now watch the rest of the EU self destruct. (not that it had far to go)

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Neath steam fayre ghost....

 Recently I posted some pics of the Neath steam and vintage fayre, in one of the pics is a "ghost"  I'll give you a clue, it's a traction engine, and it's the back wheel. I left it in to see who would actually spot it, but as nobody did I thought I'd tip you off.
By the way for the nervous people reading this it's not a real ghost.. well it is sort of, it's called ghosting, it's an issue with HDR photos if something moves between the 3 pictures that make the image up (3 or more) Heres the original and the "de-ghosted" version

Solar Impulse 2

 Solar Impulse has completed the first ever Sun powered Atlantic crossing, it took just 71 hours (with a following wind) for the 2 seater at around 42 MPH, it's hailed as the future of aviation.
 In 1929 the R101with space for 60 people managed 68 MPH.  In 1903 the Wright flyer (a single seater) managed 30 MPH.
 We've come a long way haven't we, only 71 hours to cross the Atlantic Strange then that a Boeing 777 can do the same trip in 5 hours and 16 minutes (745 MPH) using a "tailwind" (yes ok the jet stream) Now that sounds more like the future of aviation to me, not going back to speeds of the 1920's in a plane so flimsy it'll break apart in a storm (solar impulse not the 777)  Indeed it had to have a following wind as it isn't fast enough to fly into a decent head wind, it would actually end up going backwards.  If thats their idea of the future of aviation, summer holidays are going to have to get a lot longer if your planning a trip to Disneyland.

Referendum day

 Referendum day is here, we've just been over to vote. 
 Frankly I've about had a gutsful of the rubbish "facts" and total utter crap our so called leaders have been telling us.
 Talk about scaremongering, I've heard more bollocks in the last few weeks than I've heard in decades.
 It seems if we vote out or houses will be worth nothing, our budgies will be eaten by gorillas, petrol will be £2000 a gallon, a loaf of bread will cost £3 million, tax will be 200% and all the jobs will be taken by herring gulls. Your wife will be sold into slavery, all the schools will close, the only hospital will be in Glasgow, and it will be a criminal offence (punishable by death) to own a table.
 Toothpaste will be made of pewter, chairs will only be allowed 2 legs, it will be compulsary to carry a wooden clog, and tap water will be made of cheese.
 You know what... It's still worth fucking voting out!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Rhossili wander

 We went for a wander yesterday, making the most of the fine weather, we had a nice meal sitting out in the sun and got a few pics.