Saturday, February 26, 2011

Photoshop book

I got Adobe photoshop CS5 for photographers, the ultimate workshop this week, what a cracking book, one of the best I have seen, not ideal for beginners perhaps but for the more advanced it's well worth the money in my opinion. I have spent 2 evening playing and trying out some of the techniques from the book, learnt a few things as well, one of the best book I have seen in a while.

News railway cleaners on strike.

On this mornings news it said that the train cleaners had gone on strike. Personally I can't help wondering if anybody will notice, the last time I caught a train it was stinking dirty anyway, in fact pretty much every time I have caught a train they have been grotty, filthy, and so dirty you can hardly see out of the windows.
And on another note have you noticed how much pollution they chuck out, no catalytic converters on them by the look of it!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Matrix signs (yet again)

Yes I know I have a bee in my bonnet about these useless bits of crap but it really is time somebody somewhere sorted them out.
I was coming home from the supermarket a few days back and the matrix sign on the motorway was all lit up, trouble was it was in Welsh. Now I'm Welsh but the fact remains that the vast majority of us taffs can neither speak or read Welsh.
Only around 25% of Welsh people can actually speak it, and less than 10% can read and write it and are classed a fluent. That then begs the question why are we putting motorway signs to only cater for 10% of the motorists passing it? I didn't know if the sign was telling me to wear my seat belt or that the motorway was closed and to leave it. Bloody pointless waste of money either way.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Four Lions (film review)

I saw the film the four lions last week.
The film tells the story of a group of British jihadists who decide to make a bomb. The story is a black comedy, with some quite funny moments, it's also got some sad moments (as all the best comedies do) It's interesting to see a film that tells the other side of the war on terror.
I found it moving and quite funny in places. Theres one particular part involving police snipers that had me in tears of laughter.
Waynes rating 6 out of 10 (worth a watch)

Wedding books

I was shown a "how to photograph weddings" book the other day, not a big deal you'd think... well you'd be wrong.
The book shocked me. First off it's just not as easy as reading a book and going out and "doing" a wedding" there's a lot to learn. Secondly the pictures in the book were dreadful, if your going to try and learn photography at least learn from someone who can actually take a decent picture to start with.
And thats the trouble with books (and the internet) anybody can be an expert and give advise.