Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Breaking news... Police seen in Port Talbot!

 Breaking News!  Police spotted in Port Talbot for the first time in several months.

 A police car and van containing several officers from the highly trained "visible policing unit" were rushed to Port Talbot today from a secret location to the local council offices. Where people had been evacuated to prevent then seeing the police actually in the town centre.
 The building was sealed off by a PCSO (he had it surrounded)
 Yes it's called sarcasm, fact is I'm in town shopping quite often, I haven't seen a police officer, PCSO, or even a traffic warden in months.
 I pay council tax like everybody else, I'd like to see some police on patrol in my local town, especially in these times where terrorist lurk among us.  Come on plod, get your act together, theres people outside central London you know.

Monday, May 22, 2017

A mix of pics from the local riverbank

 Just a few odd pics from my walk and chill out last night.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Doctor Who experience part 2

 Heres the rest of the pics I took this week.

Update and Doctor Who experience Cardiff

 Well I did manage to do a sort of finished version of my not finding bigfoot video, I had so much trouble converting the footage (shot on my old compact) that I gave up on some of it, all the best bits are in the finished version though.
 The lawn still hasn't been cut.
 We went to the Doctor Who experience again this week, it's supposed to be closing soon and I wanted to see it again before it did close it's doors.
Heres some of the pics I took, more to follow.