Monday, April 29, 2013

Swansea airport

I visited Swansea airport over the weekend, it's looking decidedly rundown and tatty these days, even more worrying was the aircraft taking off and landing while skydivers were under canopy (which I thought was a no no!) still heres a few pics including the para plane taxiing.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Free photowalk (Gower coast Wales UK)

A few of us have organised a free photowalk in the Gower area of Wales UK on wednesday 1st may starting at at Shepards shop, Parkmill, Gower (near the Gower inn) The walk covers sand and uneven ground and takes in views of the coast and a castle, any level of experience welcome, there will be experienced pros there to help and advise if anybody needs or want it.

Note there is a small car park charge at shepards (it was £2 last time I paid ) thats nothing to do with us and sadly we have no control over it.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Adult TV

While waiting from my program to start I worked my way through all the various channels in my sky box (yes I was that bored!) I even went through the adult channels, boy what a shock!  I was half expecting soft porn but what I actually got was a lot worse!  A lot of bored looking women in tarty reveling costumes  hardly a turn on to be honest, they weren't even good looking women, there's much better looking (and sexy)  women on QVC for heavens sake.
And why is it these 'models' all seem to think that waving a leg or humping the floor is sexy?, I suppose it might work if it looked remotely genuine, but it looks so false it just looked silly.  And the lips, my god, the size of them, they put Mick Jagger to shame, they looked like bloody sink plungers glued to their faces.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Reality tv

Reality tv is popular with the tv companies because it's cheap, no studio, no actors to pay just a camera crew to worry about.  Trouble is many reality tv shows and not very real.
One of the antique/auction type shows was exposed recently for 'seeding' the finds with interesting items to make the show more interesting.  Errr... thats not reality then guys, and worse your admitting your own show in boring to start with.
Even the so called 'high risk' reality shows are not really quite what the companies imply,  take ice road truckers for example, yes it's potentially dangerous driving over frozen lakes, but noting like as dangerous as the makers suggest.  I mean how many vehicles have actually fallen through the ice in the  5 years the series has run, I can't find any linked to the ice road proper, the road is first scanned by helicopters, then by light tracked vehicles and the thickness is well monitored, so not quite the skating on thin ice the makers claim.
One of my pet hates with this series is the false cliff hanger rubbish before each commercial break, again if the shows boring take it off, don't pertend it's worse than it is.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ice waterfall pics

I went to a local waterfall last week and was supprised to find the spray had frozen on the branches around it, heres a few of the pics I took.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Went to the beach

I had a few minutes spare today so I stopped off at my local beach, it's only about ten minutes away from my home and I was going to a friends house right next to the beach, so I thought I'd grab a few pics, here they are, all shot on my Fuji compact.