Wednesday, January 28, 2015

70 years ago this week...

It's 70 years ago this week that the concentration camp Auschwitz  and surrounding camps were liberated by the Red army. 
Unless you've been dead you'll have seen it all over the news this week, lot of politicians saying how terrible it was and how the Jews have suffered.  But they all seen to have forgetten it wasn't only Jew at these death camps.  Although figures are still confused it seems the numbers who died in these camps were roughly, 1.1 million Jews, 80.000 Poles, 25.000 Gypsies and 15.000 Soviet soldiers, and around 5.000 others. 
Still a terrible thing but lets remember all who died at these camps.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Well done Mr Trevor Bankhead!

Law student Euan Coulthard age 19 from Durham went missing near the river on January 14th. After a police search failed to find him an ex soldier Trevor Bankhead traveled from the western isles of Scotland to help the search.  Mr Bankhead now a diver decided to search the river, police had decided not to because of the safety of their divers,  After less than a minutes searching Mr bankhead found the body Of Euan Coulthard. Police divers later recovered the body (now apparently it's safe for them to go into the water).  
Frankly I think it's appalling that a civilian diver has to come hundreds of miles at his own expense to help a family recover their sons body.  The police have trained divers, or so they claim, yet a civi on his own was fine in water their dive team couldn't go in, and worse they went in after being shown up by Mr Bankhead.
Time to disband that dive team I think, just pay Mr Trevor Bankhead to come and find any missing bodies, he'll be a hell of a lot quicker, probably cheaper and he will at least do the job he's paid to do.

Well done Mr Bankhead, you have helped bring closer to Mr Coulthards family, something to be proud of. I salute you.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Survival kit part 1 (choosing a container)

Building a useful survival kit part 1 the container.

Theres loads of different containers you could use from an old first aid pouch, a camo pouch, a belt pouch or the classic old tobacco tin.
The trick is to use what you have or can get easily or cheaply.
Probably the easiest to get hold of is the tobacco tin, you can buy these in lots of the cheapo (pound/dime) stores, ok they may have a marijuana leaf painted on but you can either live with it or rub it off with a bit of sandpaper, or whatever.  Plus any serious smokers may well have one laying around somewhere, ask about.
These tins are pretty well ideal, they are fairly sturdy and more or less pocket sized, and with a bit of sticky tape (another survival tool) waterproof.
The idea of the survival kit is to have things that could help you and just maybe save your life if you get stranded somewhere.  Obviously the kit is no use if you haven't got it with you.
Should you carry it everywhere?  Well some people say yes, never leave the house without it!  But common sense says otherwise.  Lets face it if you live in a normal built up area and your popping over the corner shop for a tin of cat food and a mars bar your not very lightly to need water purification tablets or a fishing kit.  If on the other hand you live somewhere a bit more isolated sticking the tin in your pocket might be a good idea, use your common sense with this.
So what do we need with our container.  Well it needs to be big enough to carry the essentials, but small enough to carry around without being so big it'll get left at home because it's awkward, hence the tobacco tin.
When the time comes to seal the kit with tape put a few turns around the join, cut off the tape and fold the last inch over to leave a tab, this makes opening the kit with cold wet hands a heck of a lot easier.

Orbs in photographs

I often hear about orbs being ghosts or similar, so here's a real genuine photograph of lots of ghosts....   or maybe not, it's not photoshoped, at least the orbs are not, I have tweaked the exposure as it was a compact camera in quite poor light.
So the big question is why are ghosts attracted to a disused toilet??? And who could be so heartless to abandon it in the first place?   More importantly who cares?  Not me that's for sure!.

Coming soon building a basic survival kit!

I've got a few survival kits left around from way back, but I thought it might be interesting to take you through the basics and show what you need for this country (the UK) and do it on a budget.
You can buy all sorts of fancy kits ranging from the small keyring goodies, right through to a full-blown bug out bag, the trick is though to have the kit small enough to have with you most of the time. 
Special forces soldiers tailor their kits to be suitable for the area they are in, after all fishing kit's is unlikely to get used much in the desert but water is a priority.  You get the idea. So this kit is based on being in the UK.
We'll start soon with the container.

Michael Moore and American Sniper

Film maker Michael Moore has had another rant at the movie American Sniper, he is reported to had said "snipers are cowards" in his original rant, others have claimed Chris Kyle (the name of the real navy SEAL the story is based on) "enjoyed killing".
I'm surprised at Moores outburst, he usually check his facts first, but this times he's got it wrong!
Just because snipers can kill at long distance doesn't mean they sit safely behind the lines and "pot" away at the enemy. 
Snipers usually work on the front line, often attached to small units in forward bases (not a cushy number by any means)  As well as accompanying foot patrols in hostile areas the sniper team (usually just the sniper and spotter) will often make patrols into the enemy areas alone and set up observation posts to report enemy activity and to take the occasional shot if a suitable target presents itself, and they have finished the information gathering part of the operation.
Far from being cowards it takes a lot of courage to go out virtually alone in enemy territory, add in the fact that snipers are universally hated by enemy soldiers, and can expect to suffer badly if captured.
Theres another point too, most soldiers who have been in combat claim to have shot someone at some point. In the heat of battle it's often very difficult to tell if you've hit your enemy, or whether it was the bloke next to you. Usually you can't see too well either, what with dodging returned fire and the distance, you'll see someone go down but was it a hit or have they fallen over? You may never find out, that leaves you with a cop-out later if you feel bad. 
Snipers don't have that luxury, they see the face of the person they are going to kill up-close and personal, they are often the only person shooting at that range so they know for sure it was their round that hit.  That means they need to be mentally strong too.
As for Chris Kyle saying he enjoying killing ( if true)...   Well I never met the guy so I can't say for sure, but I do know that most soldiers join up in the first place to fight, not many join to sit in the spider (army barracks)  And most soldiers who have been in combat are glad they shot their enemy.  After all the other guy was trying to kill you first, so you may not exactly enjoy it but you probably wouldn't feel too bad about it either.

Saturday, January 24, 2015