Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Aren't the dark nights fun, and bloody dangerous.

 Aren't the dark nights fun, and bloody dangerous. 
 Last night I saw a ninja scooter-ist (kid on a scooter all in black) going down a steep hill at speed in the middle of the road.  Now that's not too bad you'd think, especially if the road is quiet, the risky bit is the road in question is littered with bit's of branch. Now those scooters have very small wheels, hit a small branch and your off.... And that's where it gets dodgy, your all in black on a dark twisting steep hill, and car following you don't the hill is going to get bugger all warning if your lying in the road on a bend all in black.
 Come on people have a bit of common sense.... Please.....

Air Asia flight QZ8501 crash report. Here we go again!

 Indonesia NTSC (air safely body) has determined that the cause of last Decembers crash was electrical issues which resulted in the crew having to switch off auto pilot. This in turn led to the crew having to fly the plane manually, something they were unable to do. In other words they came off auto pilot, got the plane into a stall and couldn't recover from t.
 Now we've been here before, sadly many times.  It seems that modern flight crews simply can't fly the planes properly on manual. Theres been quite a number of accidents caused by the flight crew even not knowing which way to pull or push the stick, indeed pulling back on the flight controls to "dive" the plane is surprisingly common (and totally wrong)   What happens is the plane looses speed so the crew member flying pulls back on the stick (or wheel) to put the nose up to gain speed and height.... except that has the opposite effect, slowing the plane down.  The point is reached where the plane stalls, at this point the crew are usually baffled by whats happening and try and pull the nose up more.
 When the plane finally stalls properly the crew should do what every student pilot is taught, level the wings to prevent a spin, push the nose down and add power, provided you have enough height this works well (as any student pilot will tell you) the plane will recover from the stall (note not a deep stall *) and provided speed is kept high enough the aircraft will continue to fly normally when you level out.
 The problem is modern flight crews simply don't fly the planes, it's almost all on auto pilot, with the exception of the first and last 2 minutes of the flight the computer does it all. These days they don't have any experience of actually flying, maybe they should all have to do 10 hours a week flying small aircraft to keep their hands in so to speak..
 Strange when you think that during the war, very young inexperienced pilots often with only a few dozen hours were flying to Germany and back often at night, and coming back many were shot up with engines out.  God help if most of out super-duper airline pilots tried it.

* Note some aircraft, mostly those with a high T tail can get into whats called a deep stall, the tail T part gets into the disturbed airflow from the stalling wings, this cause the elevators to loose effect, causing the flight crew to be unable to alter the pitch of the aircraft, this means they can't push the nose down to recover from the stall.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

People make me wonder!

 Three times in the last few days I've seen people who are old enough to know better walk out in front of traffic without looking (crossing the road) And we're talking busy roads here, not quiet little streets.
 Worse, much much worse, was the man I watched running up the middle of a street in an estate, not a busy road I'll admit, but it is a bus route.  Not only was he jogging at night up the middle of the road, his young son aged about 6 was running alongside him on the pavement, that was fine.... Except the man was shouting at the child to come and run in the road with him.
 How monumentally stupid is that! Why would any caring parent teach his young son to run in the bloody road in the dark.  I can only assume the father is either a total moron, or he's got the child well insured and is trying to get him killed. Either way social services should find this idiot before he does get his child killed!
 Honestly people around here make me wonder if I've stumbled into some sort of barmy parallel universe where people are born without a brain.

Bone Tomahawk 2015 (film review)

 "Four men set out in the Wild West to rescue a group of captives from cannibalistic cave dwellers." IMDb

 Staring Kurt Russell and Patrick Wilson (among others) the film is set during the "wild west" days. 
 This is a western with a difference, while it has cowboys and Indians it's not the usual sort of Indians, this is a small tribe of sort of cannibal Indians.  The plot revolves around the small group of Indians capturing the wife of one of the townsfolk and the subsequent chase and attempted rescue (don't want to give too much away)
Now I'm not really a fan of westerns, but I found this surprisingly watchable, it's different enough not to be boring.

Waynes rating 7/10 worth a watch

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Apprentice (episode 8 spoiler)

 Well the numbers are coming down, last night (episode 8) David was fired, and to be honest I don't think it was his fault the team lost the task.
 David cost the loosing team £175 by not doing a good job of putting photos onto tee shirts, now I can't remember what David does for a living normally but I'm pretty sure putting pictures on tee shirts isn't part of, and to be fair he got 8/10 right. 
 Neither team did a good job, both were pretty hopeless at organising a childs party, something us parents have done loads of times.
 By this point in the Apprentice series I usually have one or two possible winners picked out, this series has me stumped, to be honest theres none I think has what it takes, theres certainly a few that are a dead loss and shouldn't have lasted this long still there.
 Time will tell.  Good luck with this lot Lord Sugar.

David who went home this week (week 8)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bath sheets and flannels.. What happened to them?

Bath sheets and flannels..  What happened to them?  Seriously though, I can remember the old big towels, now called bath sheets.  They were big enough to change behind on the beach, thick and warm, now they are as small as the old hand towel and so thin they are nearly "see through", it's pathetic, why can't we make anything properly any more.
 Face flannels, my God what happened to these?  
 Now I know I wash more than I did when I was a child, but I'm sure I was a lot dirtier then too, so why did the old flannels last years and the new ones about 3 months. Honestly they literally fall to bits in a few months, you'd swear I was washing in sulfuric acid or something, not shower gel or soap.

Monday, November 23, 2015

My great idea to put lots of armed police on the streets, at no cost...

 Yes one of my finest ideas, if I say so myself (and I just did)  You see we have lots of SAS trained armed police doing... well bugger all most of the time to be honest.
 Take all the highly trained and expensive armed police from the royalty and diplomatic protection squads and put them on the streets.
 It will work. Ok HRH would have to hire personal protection officers, but she's already got soldiers guarding the palace itself, and lets be honest she's not popping down the shops every five minutes, does she really need dozens of armed police hanging about in case she needs a mars bar or a tin of cat food.  No she bloody doesn't, we need them on the streets to keep US safe, my car isn't armoured to withstand 7.62 bullets, like hers is, shes safe enough.
The same with all those diplomatic protection officers who guard the embassies (most of who are our enemies anyway) and our cabinet ministers.  You see that's why our dopey politicians think we've got enough police, everywhere they go theres dozens guarding them, theres bugger all guarding us.
  In all seriousness I've not seen a proper policeman (or women) in weeks, yes I see PCSO's but they are not police, and I've never seen armed officers in my town, yes I know we have ARV's (armed response vehicles) in the general area, but armed cops walking about, no chance, yet every official building in London will have a couple, same with stations and airports.  Errr guys... theres people outside of London... and we vote too!