Wednesday, June 20, 2018


 Yes I know your probably fed up with butterfly pics but I have some more to post.
 I'll try to give you a bit of break from them.

Affinity photo.... The photoshop killer???

 Serif's Affinity photo is gaining popularity, claimed to be the Photoshop Killer! The reason behind that claim is it can do what Photoshop does at a fraction of the price £40. And apparently that includes a lifetimes updates to newer versions (so I'm led to believe)
 So is it really going to kill off Adobes grip on the photographers and graphic artists market?  I have my doubts.
 I gave it a try this week and .... well it does what it says on the tin, pretty much everything Photoshop does, it handles RAW files, and it has a pretty decent HDR persona (as they are called) Photoshops HDR was never great, in fact crap was a better word.
 However it does have a drawback or two, it's slow, and I mean SLOW!  Now I use a pretty decent computer for editing, and it was painfully slow just opening an image, curiously opening a RAW file was quicker than opening a jpeg (odd)  It's second "quirk" is I opened a jpeg, made an adjustment, then went to save it.  Thats when I discovered the ONLY save option is Affinity photo format.  Yessssss, not what I expected, no tiff, no jpeg, no psd, nowt, nada, bugger all except (you guessed it) Affinity smegging  photo format.
 After a bit of faffing about I found the only way to save as jpeg is to export the image, rather like Lightroom.  Now I'm not sure what advantage that is, it's slower and as I'm starting with a jpeg I'd like to see a simple save as option.

Ok so is it going to kill off photoshop, no is the short answer, but it might damage them enough to affect revenue, that could be a long term issue. That said free lifetime updates to Affinity photo isn't going to big in a lot of cash down the line, which means upgrades will probably be few and far between.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Flowers (part two)

 The last of this batch of flower pics....  Yes I know theres a statue head and a bee in there but the title looked odd with "Flowers (part two) including a bee and a stature"  See what I mean.
And yes I am a pedantic PITA... ask anybody who knows me....  (grin)

Flowers (part one)

 Another batch of flower pics.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Birds of prey (part two)

 The second part of British birds birds of prey.