Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New cars, too clever for their own good?

 I was looking at the features of a new car the  other day and it occurred to me they are getting too clever for their own good.

Headlight washers and wipers?  Why!  Now I'm not talking about a land rover or range rover "green laning" and driving through those mini muddy lakes four by four-ists like to drive through when the rugged terrain of Chelsea gets too bad for them. No I'm talking about your average family car.  
 Seriously, how dirty do the headlights get. I've had cars since I was 17 and my headlights have never got so dirty it affects the light output.

 Automatic windscreen wipers?   Why!  lets be honest here if you really can't tell it's raining when you look through the car windscreen you shouldn't be bloody driving, how dumb do you need to be to not notice it's pissing down and you can't see fuck all.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

The centre at Margam park

 This is some sort of green education centre, not as "green as it could have been though as they cut down the trees around it.

 All shot on the gopro

The election

 Well didn't the election go well, hardly a supprise though.   What a choice.
 Never mind the good the bad and the ugly, we had the invisible the bonkers and the where the fuck am I.
 Between the lot of them I wouldn't trust them to replace a light bulb. We need a new proper peoples party, who actually care about US! Not just about filling their own pockets and letting us pay to clean their moats.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Swanseas looking even rougher than usual.

 I had to go to my dentist in Swansea yesterday. As I had time I spent an hour or so people watching. 
 Well first the good news. The number of down and outs is way down, I did see a few but there wasnt anything like as many as last time I was there.
 Then the bad new, the police seem in short supply too, I did see one but that it it in the city centre over a few hours. Doesn't seem enough to me in our troubled times.
 Swansea also starting to look rougher than usual. Ok it was never a pretty city. Indeed Paul Durden (co writer of the film twin town) called it a pretty shitty city, and he was right (I've met Paul lots of time back in the day)
 Anyway heres a pic from yesterday, just a shot on the gopro. (might do a series on this theme)

Two photos from the woods

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Breaking news... Police seen in Port Talbot!

 Breaking News!  Police spotted in Port Talbot for the first time in several months.

 A police car and van containing several officers from the highly trained "visible policing unit" were rushed to Port Talbot today from a secret location to the local council offices. Where people had been evacuated to prevent then seeing the police actually in the town centre.
 The building was sealed off by a PCSO (he had it surrounded)
 Yes it's called sarcasm, fact is I'm in town shopping quite often, I haven't seen a police officer, PCSO, or even a traffic warden in months.
 I pay council tax like everybody else, I'd like to see some police on patrol in my local town, especially in these times where terrorist lurk among us.  Come on plod, get your act together, theres people outside central London you know.

Monday, May 22, 2017

A mix of pics from the local riverbank

 Just a few odd pics from my walk and chill out last night.