Friday, August 28, 2015

Communication breakdown !

 Yet again I.m having trouble contacting people!  Honestly you'd swear I was in the middle of Death Valley in a deep hole for all the trouble I have getting in touch with people.
  Now to be fair I'm not really a nuisance on the phone, I'm not one of these bored people who phones all his friends every day to pass the time, and then stays on for hours, I tend to phone someone to find out something, what time we're meeting?, do you need milk from the shop?, are you still on fire?, that sort of thing. But I have one friend and my God she's hard to get hold of on the phone!  I'd try a medium but even God wouldn't be able to get an answer.
 Seriously it'd be easier to get ISIS to stop killing people and pop around the local nursing home to bake muffins for the old dears than to get this person on the phone.  You've heard of tickling trout?  Well tickling alligators is easier that phoning this person.   Man on Mars, piece of piss compared to getting Shirley on the phone.  I'm honestly considering carrier pigeons.....  

 Note to Shirley.  a mobile phone is A  MOBILE and B a PHONE, it only bloody works if you have it with you and answer it!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Some pics from yesterday

Some taken with the 50mm 1.4 having a play. Others on the normal lens.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Red sky at night....

This is as it came off the camera, no editing at all.   As my dear old dad used to say.  Red sky and night, sailors delight... Red sky at morn, sailors all gone....   He has a lot to answer for.... my sense of humour for a start!

Poundshop head torch

My mate bought a head torch the other week for an evening photo shoot, so I thought I'd review it here.
The torch takes 3 AA batteries and has 9 leds, it's quite big and boxy and has no different power settings, just on or off.  It feels cheap and nasty (well it was only 99 pence) and I suspect it wouldn't take a lot of rough use, it's also not waterproof, although I suspect a shower probably wouldn't do much harm.
 It gives a long powerfull beam with a weak-ish side spread, theres plenty of light to find your way about at night, and the weaker side spread means you can use the dimmer spread light for close up work without blinding yourself.
 The elastic headband is terrible, flimsey and way too tight for my big head, that said it's easily changed for a bit of stronger elastic.
 Verdict  For the price it's really good value, yes it's poor quality and I wouldn't take it caving, but for walking the dog at night or to keep in the car for emergencies you can't go wrong, remember this cost under a pound!  Just a little dearer that a mars bar or a snickers bar, and to be fair it throws a lot of light a good way, buy a few and keep them around the house for power cuts or in the car for when things go tits up.  You know it makes sense Rodney......  Lovely Jubbly!!!

Here we go again!

 Yet again I appear to have purchased plutonium instead of shampoo, at least judging by the safety features on the bottle it should only be handled by fully trained ninja experts in hasmat suits. 
 Why on earth does a bottle of shampoo need a safety lock on the bottle?  It's stuff we get in our eyes and mouth for heavens sake, how dangerous can it be?  I have bleach in a simple squeeze and twist top (although the whole top just unscrews anyway so pointless) I have oven cleaner thats deadly at 50 paces, thats got no safety features at all, but stuff we rub over our bodies needs to be people proof. I give up.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Some news this week.

 At Shoreham airshow a Hawker Hunter crashed onto a busy road killing seven people.  The Hawker Hunter introduced in 1951 as a fighter and later a fighter bomber ground attack aircraft, when new it was capable of over 700 mph.  at the time of the crash the aircraft was taking part in an aerobatic display and apparently came out of a loop too low hitting the ground.
 It questionable whether old aircraft should be "stunting" over a built up area, airshow protocol prohibits the aircraft from flying over the crowd, so why they are then allowed to do the same manovers of a road and houses is a bit odd.

 Valery Spiridonov has received some funding towards having his head transplanted onto another body (yet to be obtained)  Surgeon Sergio Canavero is planning on being the one carrying out the operation in 2017.  This isn't going to end well at all.

Julie Mott 25 has had her body stolen (no connection with the above story) from a funeral home in Texas. There were no signs of forced entry and no alarms were set off at the home, the funeral home owner Dick Tips claims anti cremation groups may be behind the theft.  From reading the whole story this sounds a bit like it may be an inside job, theres more to come from this story I suspect!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Why is something so simple so difficult?

 Next week I have a gas safety inspection, now I've been told my gas cooker needs a safety chain to fasten it to the wall. And that's where the trouble starts!
 It appears that gas cookers all over Britain are upping sticks and throwing themselves on the kitchen floors, killing dwarfs in the process, so now they must be restrained to the wall to stop them escaping.  I'm 62, I've had gas cookers all my life , even as a child we cooked on gas.  Not once in all that time did any of the cookers fall over, indeed I've never heard of one falling over in a kitchen.  The nearest I've got is having one fall over in the back of my van when I was moving, and that only happened because I had to slam the brakes on to avoid an accident!
 So off I go to buy a £1.99 safety chain, you'd think it would be easy, what with every cooker in the EU needing one, oh no, first off a lot of diy places don't sell them, some even claim  you need to be "gas safe" (corgi) registered to fit the chain (you don't, that's for working on the gas supply) anyway eventually I found a place that does sell them to Joe public, the problem was their map on Google is wrong and shows them a mile from their actual location, the second problem was just buying the chain.
 For a while I thought I was trying to join MI5 not buy 12 inches of metal chain, they needed my name, address, date of birth, shoe size, a DNA sample and my dogs rear leg to sell it. Oh the reason given was it's for the guarantee. I asked if the batteries were covered, which threw them a bit (it's just a length of chain) at that point I just stopped and stood there holding up the queue and asked why he needed all my details and that I didn't want a load of shit though my letter box, I then asked for the manager. At this point the bloke next to him said "he doesn't  have to give his details if he doesn't want to" to the bloke serving me, then we started getting somewhere.
 But seriously why are firms allowed to collect data on everyone, it really needs to be stopped.