Monday, March 20, 2017

Apple IPhone warning?

  A man accidentally killed himself by using his Apple IPhone in the bath while the phone was  plugged into the charger with a mains extension lead.
  Apple have now been asked by the coroner to include a warning with all new products advising customers not to use the device while in the bath/shower if the product is connected to the mains via the charger..
 This raises a few questions.
 One is it really Apples fault if the customer does something silly with their product.
 Two, what other risks should they consider?

 Here's a few I've come up with (not limited to Apple products but for ANY phone)
1. Do not use your phone alarm to wake you up while your sleeping on the shore of crocodile
infested rivers, while wearing a beef waistcoat.
2.Do not use your phones camera for "selfies" while standing in the middle of a racing circuit during the F1 race.
3. Do not use your phone to call the fire and rescue service (WTF was wrong with fire brigade?) while you are actually on fire, put the fire out first by rolling on the ground, then phone.

 Seriously people, why the hell should Apple have to bear the cost of adding a warning not to do something bloody silly, you can't cater for all possible situations where using the phone could put the user at risk. People have to use some common sense.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Send money to Africa?

 I had an advert pop up on one of the forums I'm on the other day from something called world remit (never heard of them) and they implored me to "send money to Africa".  Well it was nice of them to consider asking me but, what the fuck has Africa sent me? I had a hard think and frankly all I can think of is they've sent me bugger all.
 So why the hell should I send them anything.  Well I'm not mean, I've got some dodgy bread left, I'll pop that in an envelope and send them that (without a stamp of course)  Yes I'm all heart arn't I.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

A short walk in the woods

We took a shart walk yesterday, first time I've been out with the camera for a while.

Calendar April and May pages

Heres April and May.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spud the dog chilling....

Yes, it's Spud chilling out on his favorite leather arm chair.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Accuweather, whats accurate about it?

 I've had Accuweather on my phone for ages and the one thing I have noticed is it's consistently WRONG!  Indeed today according to last nights forecast was sunny with some clouds, in fact it's 100% cloud cover (overcast) and raining, so only about 100% wrong as usual.
 I suppose if I look at the "forecast" and expect the total opposite it'll be about right.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Go-Pro file sizes?

 I shot some video the other week with my Go-pro hero 4 black, in fact I shot about 15 gb -ish, not too bad you'd think.... Except when I convert it in Go-Pro studio it ends up around 35 gb, + the original 15gb, then I have to export it, thats another 3.5 gb (and thats only 720p)
 So my original 15 gb is now around 54 gb.
 God help if I start shooting full length films in 4K, I'll be using a cray supercomputer just to store the bloody footage....