Friday, October 31, 2014

Metropolitan police waste money again

Metropolitan police waste money again.  yep!,  the same force that spent huge sums of money paying people to change light bulbs for them are at it again.  This time they've spent a ton of money testing new software that studies peoples facebook posts and tries to work out who's going to commit offences in the future.
A few problems with that though.  One like all software it'll be crap and get it wrong half the time.  Two these people won't have committed any offence, so the police have no legal recourse until they do anyway (so they might as well have just waited)   Three they don't have enough police as it is, so the few that they do have will now be chasing future crimes that haven't happened yet, and may never happen.
So what have we learned?  That the police don't seem very bothered by crimes that actually happen now, get burgled and you might get a copper rushed there a week next Thursday.   However if your reporting something that happened in 1975, or 2042 then they'll be straight around your house.
Bloody barmy or what!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What happened to efficiency and service?

What happened to efficiency and service?  No seriously wheres it gone?  Did it run off and join the circus, or has it jumped ship and gone to live in a commune somewhere dressed in hippy beads and a beard?

The reason I ask is because I've just wasted an entire morning of my ever dwindling life doing precisely three things. Getting a blood test, getting petrol and buying a stamp All that should have taken about a half hour or forty five minutes max!
Getting the blood test took two and a half bloody hours!  It's absolutely insane!  Theres four women working in the hospital blood test room, in the two hours I watched they did twenty blood tests, that's five each in two hours, that's about 24 minutes each, yet each test actually takes about five minutes, and theres bugger all paperwork.  They really need to get the time and motion people in there, that's our money being wasted there.

Getting petrol isn't very quick or efficient these days either!  Years ago you drove into a petrol station (one that wasn't a supermarket) a man in a scruffy overall put the petrol in for you, you paid him and you were off in about three minutes. 
Now it's slightly different, you queue for about five minutes in the middle on the road, then you pull onto the pump, you have to get out in the cold and put the petrol in yourself, then walk to the mini supermarket/petrol station to pay for it, and thats where the trouble really starts.  You see theres about 12 pumps and one woman serving, add in the factor that some of the people in there are doing a weeks shopping and the bloody queue is out the door, across the road and up the nearest bus stop.  To add insult to injury the cashier isn't exactly hurrying,  Oh no she's asking each customer if they collect the points, do you have a bonus card, and worse explaining the benifits of having a bonus card to all those customers who don't have one (and don't want one)  By the time I left the cars were backed up to the M25 or somewhere, and the queue looked like those going to the gulag, talk about depressed, I've seen happier Kamikaze pilots reuniun dinners.

The last straw was the post office, I was the only person in the queue (for a change) but sadly that didn't help.  You see the post office isn't actually a post office any more, it's a Spar shop, they closed the proper post office and turned one of the Spars tills into a post office.  This means you have to share the cashiers with the other customers, trouble is this being Port Talbot that means your sharing a cashier with someone who is about as bright as tinned mikl!  Ok they are some nice normal people in Port Talbot as well, I just never seem to meet them when I'm out shopping. 
In this case the lady being served was buying milk and cat food with a credit card, and she was about a hundred and forty seventeen years old. 
After killing two credit cards with the wrong pin numbers she managed to find one that worked and paid for her shopping, trouble is this all took time, and the cashier had to tell here how to get her other cards unlocked as well, this meant it took me about twenty five minutes to buy a stamp as the only person in the queue.

In the old days I'd have had the blood test done in my doctors surgery in minutes, the man in the overall would have sorted my petrol out and wiped my windscreen by the time I'd got the money out of my pocket, and the nice lady in the post office would have sold me a penny black and I'd have been home in time for breakfast, not a bloody midnight feast!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fury 2014 (film review)

IMDb "April, 1945. As the Allies make their final push in the European Theatre, a battle-hardened army sergeant named Wardaddy commands a Sherman tank and his five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Out-numbered, out-gunned, and with a rookie soldier thrust into their platoon, Wardaddy and his men face overwhelming odds in their heroic attempts to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany."

The film was disappointing, the clips I'd seen suggested it would be a good movie but sadly it wasn't.
I didn't like any of the tank crew and frankly didn't care if the Germans won or not.  
The film is done in the desaturated "gritty" look which seems to be in fashion these days, the special effects were pretty terrible. Someone obviously hasn't seen real tracer rounds, they don't look like like star wars lasers for a start, the tanks were all shown firing on the move, which although they could do in practice they very rarely actually did, mainly because they couldn't hit bugger all (some reports claim a tiger tank would damage the turret if it fired while moving) some of the weapons were wrong as well.  The soundtrack was like listening to a funeral dirge, and too loud as well.
The film is slow and the action sequences silly,( especially the laser show) To be honest it felt like I was watching a crap video game.  It could have been so much better!

If you want to see a good tank movie buy the Beast of war 1988!

Waynes rating 3/10   See something else instead

How to out act Doctor Who

How to out act Doctor Who, actually it's easy if your Abigail Eames 9 (Maebh in the episode in the forest of the night) She did a great job of out acting Peter Capaldi (or the sneering man as I now call him)  But to be honest it's not saying much as most of the trees managed to out act him.
But Abigail did a good job and I suspect she will have a long acting carreer in front of her.

Seriously whats gone wrong with Doctor Who?  What happened to the Doctor?, the old Doctors would never ask a lost little girl if she had an appointment, or close the Tardis door in their face, they would be there to help someone in trouble, especially a lost little girl. This Doctors too silly.

The new Doctor Who really is terrible, I don't know if it's the scripts or just that Peter can't act, he seems to have two faces, the sneer, or the where the bloody hell am I look.  Sadly neither are convincing!

Port Talbot family fun day and fireworks 2014

Well Port Talbot and I seem to have a different idea of what a "family fun day" should be.  My idea doesn't consist of a small funfair on a abandoned disused bombsite (who could be so heartless as to abandon a disused bombsite?)  The site floor was covered in loose rocks golf ball and bigger size, bloody dangerous, add in the dozens of loose cables dumped across the floor and you have an insurance claimers wet dream!

The council wouldn't have a leg to stand on, HSE rules clearly state the floor surface must be even and cables should be dug in or overhead, and only then if they have to be on the floor they must be covered by cable protectors( sort of big rubber mat things) 
Factor in the lack of first aid cover (they must be clearly visible to the public and we never saw any) and the site breaks most of the HSE rules on funfairs, and personally I'd be interested to see if the rides had up to date safety tests as well.

Then the fireworks, with the wind blowing hard towards the crowd I expected them to be called off, but no and to be fair it wasn't a bad display, nothing like as good as fireworks displays of my youth but not bad for todays displays.

I took a good few pics of the fireworks but most were spoiled by the mini gale buffeting me about, but here two I've done, the rest will have to wait as I'm currently dying of cat-leg-foot-pox... or a bad cold?  Anyway thats it for now.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Horns 2014

IMDb "In the aftermath of his girlfriend's mysterious death, a young man awakens to strange horns sprouting from his temples."

A strange film, part horror, part thriller and part comedy, and yet somewhat surprisingly it manages to do all three without clashing or falling apart..
The story revolves around Ig Perrish (Daniel Radcliffe) and his girlfriend Merrin Williams (Juno Temple) who is found murdered.  After the murder Ig spouts horns from his head, and strange things start happening around him  Did Ig murder Merrin while drunk or was it someone else?  The story has some twists and turns and enough comedic moments to lighten things.
The story is told part in flashback, and gives Daniel a chance to show off his acting skills.
I found the film slightly slow at the start, but it builds nicely to a good ending, the special effects are excellent.

Waynes rating 8/10  a nice change from the normal horror/thriller well worth a watch.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Himalayan disaster 2014 and some mountain safety advice

With the situation in the Himalayas still confused it's unclear what the final death toll will be, sadly this should never have happened.
Much about whats happened is still unclear but from what I'm hearing many of those who died were not equipped for the winter conditions and lead by inexperienced guides, there's also some questions over the weather warning system.
Many go into the mountains every year, all too often I've seen badly equipped people walking into trouble, some take the safety advice given, others ignore it at their peril.

Some basic safety advice for winter walking.

Don't think you have to be on the north face of Everest or in the Himalayas to get into trouble, people die in this country every year after getting into trouble in the mountains.  I personally have seen -20 in the Brecon Beacons, and if you've never been in a total whiteout you wouldn't believe what it's like (put you head in a big white paper bag and light the outside evenly, then try walking about see below ) You could literally walk off a cliff and not see a thing.
Dress for the worst, it doesn't matter if it's a lovely day, it might not be when you get half way up. That means proper water and wind proof clothing, warm clothing, and good hiking boots (not trainers)  Carry gloves and a good warm hat.
Take a torch and spare battery, a survival bag or space blanket, and a map and compass (make sure you know how to use it)  and make sure your phone is charged (but don't rely on it)  A flask of something hot and some mars bars or similar may come in handy too if you have to spend a night out, and seriously you should be prepared for that.
Make sure someone responsible knows where your going and when you due back, and don't change the route with telling them, they are your last line of defence if it goes tits up.

Now this might sound like overkill for a stroll in the mountains on a fine winters evening, but the weather can change quickly, and trust me teeshirt trainers and jeans really isn't going to be fun in -20 in a blizzard.

Remember experienced SAS soldiers have died in the Brecon Beacons from exposure, these are well trained and usually well equipped people with the armys resources behind them.  If it can happen to them.....

Please don't actually try the walking around with a bag over your head bit, it's a bad idea, it's just to illustrate the point.