Friday, March 16, 2018

When is a series a series?

 When is a series a series?   Well it's not if it's made in America!
 For some reason the US can't grasp the meaning of the word series, indeed they call their television series a season. This is because unlike most other countries that show a series in order weekly, the Americans show their "series" of say 10 programs randomly over the year, inter spaced by dozens or even hundreds of repeats. This makes it more or less impossible to actually follow a series properly.  Ok not all of the channels do thisbut most seem to.
 Just to make life harder again some like animal planet and discovery have a habit of having a web pages saying NEW EPISODE of blah blah blah starting sunday!!!!....  Except it doesn't say which sunday or what year even, or which episode, so you have no idea if you've seen it, or if it's coming at some point in the future... 2057 perhaps?  How bloody hard is it to put the full date, come on guys it's not difficult really.
 It's no wonder viewing figures are going down for some of these series, no bugger can watch them as we never know when they are on.

Monday, March 12, 2018

So what have I learned from five hours in casualty?

 What have I leaned from five hours in casualty?
 I've learned for a place that tells you when you go in the a six hour wait they've got bloody uncomfortable chairs, and not enough of them.
 I've learned that there's more or less only disabled parking near the casualty area (there's just a few normal spaces) so tough luck parking if your not disabled.
 I've learned the appropriate dress code for an evening in casualty is to dress like Waynetta Slob, and that shell suits and wet look puffa jackets are the height of fashion.
 I've learned that even someone with chest pains has a 4 hour wait just to get an ECG (frankly too long)
 And finally I've learned that doctors get very pissed off if bloody dressings are left on their nice clean trollies.....

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The beast from the east.... the pest from the west....?

 Well we had the best from the east....  I had to dig my way out through at least an inch of snow, ok it was worse at my friends house, she had a 6 inch deep drift, it was terrible!!!!  I was in fear of my life.... (yes it's called sarcasm) 
 Ok I was lucky and I know some people had it a LOT worse, another of my friends can't let the dogs out because they can step over the 7 foot fence... yes step over it.
 Now it's the pest from the west, so I suppose this means a quarter of an inch of snow here.
 So whats next?  The slightly annoying smegger from the south?  The mildly irritating draft from the east north east?
 The trouble is the newspapers and telly go into full blown lets make it scary mode!  It's snow in the UK winter, it really shouldn't surprise anybody, and frankly it shouldn't bring the country to a stop.
 I had a mate who served in Canada, they'd have 3 foot of snow overnight, they'd get up in the morning, drive to work, all the roads were open, the shops were open, and the airbase was open, no problems, but then they expected snow and dealt with it.  here the councils think... Naahhhh we wont waste money on snow clearing gear, much more fun to waste it sending councilors and their extended family's to China for a month to study a new talking litter bin or something (a free holiday really)

Book on my tablet!

 Well at last I can read books on my tablet!  It's taken about 13 months to get the bastards on it mind.
 You see I had a tablet for Christmas the year before last, the idea was for reading books on it and the Internet.  Sounds good, except for one tiny flaw... The bastard tablet wouldn't talk to my computer. Oh I tried using a cable, no they weren't having it, then I tried blue tooth, no they still wouldn't speak to each other. Heck I even tried infrared but that didn't work as the tablet doesn't have IR out. I tried 3 different computers with different operating systems, still nothing.
 The tablet works fine, it boots up a treat, it's just shy, very bloody shy if you ask me.
 Eventually after trying everything, hours spent online looking up other poor bastards with the same tablet and problems, I found an answer... well sort of.
 It still wont talk to my computer (I don't think it ever will) but I did manage to get it to talk to my wifi, then I could get my emails on it. The books I emailed to myself, then opened the emails and Bobs your uncle.
 I do wonder sometimes that things supposed to make life better are so difficult to get to communicate.

Steelworks smoke and a wind turbine

 Well it's a bit ironic really, they build wind turbines to "go green" to help save the environment, but they build them next to the steelworks at Port Talbot........ 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Port Talbot steelworks panorama

 I went out today looking for a location for night shots of the steelworks in Port Talbot, managed to find this spot.  It was a bit hazy when I took this daytime pano.
Nikon shots stitched together.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Some snow pics

 Went out in the snow today for some pics, conditions were pretty terrible with a blizzard and high winds, most of these were taken after the wind dropped a bit.
 Pen y fan was actually closed, first time I've known the path be be shut.
 All shot on the nikon.