Monday, September 1, 2014

Ashya King

Young Ashya Kings parents are now being held in a Spanish jail, apparently charged with neglect for taking him away from medical treatment   Curiously the hospital had already told parent they could do nothing for the boy, which raises the question of what treatment was he taken away from? and if the hospital were doing nothing either, why are they not in court for neglect?     Double standard here methinks!

Cree Skyray king 8500 lumen torch (review)

Cree make a range of Skyray king torches, all feature the cree T6 led, they come in 3-4-5-6 and 7 led configurations, this is the 6 led version review.

The torch is a little smaller than a can of coke, but about the same weight as near as I can tell, so a little too heavy for carrying comfortably in a pocket.  My tester came without any instructions so it took a little while to figure out the odd battery layout. 
The torch uses 4 18650 batteries, curiously all with the positive terminal pointing up (counter intuitive to me) it will also work with just 2 batteries (more on this later)

The torch feels quite solid and sturdy, it doesn't feel like it would break easily, it has the same sort of serrated front bezel (like most cree torches) called the DNA catcher for self defence, it's not as sharp or as pronounced as some. but this torch has some weight behind it, I certainly wouldn't like a smack in the face from it.

The torch has 4 settings, high, medium, low and if you hold down the button for 2 seconds strobe.
Light output is simply awesome! theres no other way to describe it, the torch throws a lot of light a good way but also has a good spread as well, tons of light to see where your going or search the countryside for something.

 My tester has a slightly 'warm' light compared to most led torches, but when I put on my car headlights on full beam they looked dim and yellow by comparison to the torch.
With one of these taped to your car you could drive home no problem if your lights failed, although you might blind a few other motorists.

Using with two batteries.  I wasn't aware the torch would work with only two batteries, while charging the batteries I put in the two charged ones while I waited for the other two, then I accidentally pressed the button while looking at the torch (all too easy) the result was temporarily blinding myself, we're talking minutes not seconds here as well.  Do not look at the torch when it's on or shine it in someones face you will blind them temporarily, and I don't like to think what prolonged close exposure would do, nothing good I suspect. 

You can buy these torches from around £15+ on ebay, for that kind of money this is a lot of torch, and a heck of a lot of light.  There is a brighter 7 led version which is claimed to be over 9000 lumen's.  I'm told that the more leds the more the spread of light, so the 3 and 4 led versions have a much more pronounced beam (many claim the 4 led is the best compromise) if I can get hold of one I'll do a comparrison.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Robot sheep dogs question???

If they are making robot sheep dogs, does that mean they'll be making robot sheep? And if so will we get wire wool from them??????

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Robot sheepdogs

Poor old Sheps days are numbered, robot sheepdogs are set to replace him. For the last 2 years scientists have been monitoring sheepdogs with GPS trackers. they now say they understand the way the dogs round up sheep and could program robot sheepdogs to do the same job more efficiently.
Bad news Shep, when you see the farmer get his robot sheep delivered, you might want to hide his shotgun!

Friday, August 29, 2014

File sizes are getting daft!

I saved out a .Tiff file last night as part of an action I'm doing in photoshop, I moved it this morning and it seemed a bit slow to move, so I checked the file size.   347mb, for one picture of a brides face!  Hells teeth, I've got about 1100 more pics to go, thats about half a hard dive full.    Time for a rethink on the action.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Torch review update

It's been a few months since I did the torch reviews so I'll update it slightly.
Well which torch did I end up carrying? 
The main torch will still be the refracter I reviewed a few months back, super bright and well made, it throws a good beam a long way.  The surprise entry however was the cree XML T6, this small pocket torch gives an incredible light for it's size. It's also got a great spread of light, totally ideal for finding your way around in total darkness, you can easily see the side paths and overhanging branches no problem.  To be honest I could live with just this torch easily.... But I do like to have a back-up.....

Cree XML T6

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Inbetweeners 2 (film review)

Now I'm not really a fan of the series if I'm honest, but lots of people were saying it was good so I gave it a watch.
Lots of sexual jokes and references, with the same lads as the series (as far as I could tell) not a film to watch with an elderly aunt present.
Was it funny?   Yes actually it was a lot better than I expected, with send up's of things like Harry Potter, I found my self laughing out loud a lot.  Watch the background to see other stuff going on as well.

Waynes rating 7/10     I had a darn good laugh and it's not really my style of humour.