Monday, April 21, 2014

Light lines

Heres some taken on Saturday.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A few London pics.

Megabus (review)

Megabus, mega-slow, mega-uncomfortable, mega cramped, meg- hot.  I made the mistake of going to London (about 190 miles away) by Megabus, the bus arrived promptly and departed promptly, but thats about the best I can say about it.
Yes it's cheap but cattle wouldn't be allowed to travel crammed in like that I'm sure.  Despite the bus being freaking huge, inside the seats are tiny, hobbit size really, theres bugger all legroom, which is actually quite dangerous on long journeys, remember it's all to easy to get blood clots sitting unable to move. 
The seat back in front of me was about 14 inches in front of my face (way too close for comfort) 
And in the event of a serious crash I doubt it would have been easy to get out, theres no proper emergency exits like they used to have, just windows you have to break with little hammers, not so bad you say except for some insane reason the little hammers are.... wait for it... behind bloody glass themselves.  Yes no joke the hammers for you to break the glass are behind glass, and how exactly do we break that glass?  Fucking crazy!

Coming back was worse, by then it had warmed up, quite a nice spring day, but onboard the bus it was sweltering  I'd guess over a 100 degrees F, the sweat was running off me and I was in a tee shirt, god help if you had anything thick on, it's all to easy to get dehydrated in conditions like that.

It's the first and last time I'll travel Megabus, it was really very uncomfortable, and frankly 6 hours for an under 200 mile run is just silly, thats a long time to be wedged up againsts a total stranger with sweat running off you both, unable to move.  There really should be a proper look at how close and small seats are allowed to be.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Photowalk today and other news.

Yes it's today at 11.00 at Rhosilli in the gower Wales for the photowalk (free)

Other news, theres now a committee worrying about the welfare of rabits.... I kid you not.  With all the crises going on in the world scientist are worrying about the uk's lack of rules about keeping rabbits.  It occurs to me if they spent less time worrying about nonsense and more time trying to stop wars we might be better off.

Other scientists have spent several years studying fly's they have now discovered that they can manouver like jet fighters when danger lurks.  No news to anyone who has tried to swot a fly then.  Money wasted guys.....

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Some garden flower pics.

Took these earlier on in my garden.

In the news today

The search for MH370 seems to be getting close to finding the area the plane went down in, whether they'll ever recover either of the black boxes and solve the mystery is another thing.

Maria Miller has resigned from her position as culture secetary after a row over £5800 expenses claim, although she could now get a £17.000 pay off (for what exactly?) .  If you or I over-claimed £5.8k we'd probably have a visit from the old bill, but it seems it's ok if your in govenment as long as you apologize, even if it's only a 32 second one.

But the big news, the really really big front page news  Baby George (prince George) has been seen crawling, and better Oh! much much better! Been crawling with ordinary children....   Yes really ordinary everyday common children (they actually said that on the news I kid you not)  Well what can you say, I can only hope he's been inoculated against 'common' illnesses that he might catch from us common folk.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Free Photowalk one week away

Yes a week today is the free photowalk.

Free photowalk on Sunday 13 April meet at Rhossili car park in the gower (near Swansea Wales UK) Starting at 11.00 am.

All abilites welcome, experienced photographers will be on hand to provide free photographic help and advice if required. Relaxed friendly walk along flat-ish headland with great views of the beach, cliffs and worms head island etc.

Toilets available at car park and local inn for refreshments also at car park
If you require any further information please ask.