Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Hobbit 3 (battle of the five armies) film review

I know I said I wasn't going to post till after Christmas but I'll do a quick review while it's still fresh.

The film is the final part of the Peter Jackson trilogy the Hobbit.  Compared to the others I felt it was lacking story and mostly battles, while the battles scenes were well done you've seen one Orc sliced up you've seen them all.
Perhaps a better title would have been the madness of Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) who gets gold fever (for want of a better name) Some of the scenes left me feeling I was watching a video game rather than a movie, and some of the special effects looked like they had been borrowed from a 1970's movie.
Not my favorite of the films.
The film also doesn't stand well on it's own, so if you haven't seen the others don't bother seeing this as you'll be baffled by whats going on.

Waynes rating  5/10  to be honest the three films could have been made in two with the padding removed, and dear old Bilbo wouldn't have started to looks so old by the last film.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Well thats it for me now till after Christmas.

A big thank you to all who have followed this blog in it's ramblings, I'm stopping now till after Christmas, to eat drink and be slightly whimsical (I don't really do merry...  chance would be a fine thing) anyway thanks again for dropping in and sharing my thoughts and comments.
Best wishes to all for the Christmas holidays.

And as dear old Dave Allen used to say.   "May your God go with you"

Neath Christmas parking

Neath seems to have solved the Christmas parking nightmare by the simple process of letting people park anywhere they like.... literally!  They were parked on the pavement both sides of the road, in some cases both sides of the road as well  as the pavement, so the traffic couldn't move at all.  They were parked in the middle of the road (I kid you not) some were nearly parked in the bloody shops, it was properly bonkers.  At one point a car was following me down the pavement so it could park on the bit of pavement I was walking on, bloody dangerous if you ask me.
Of course there were no police or wardens about, never is when they are needed, so the town became a free for all. The shoplifters must have had a ball!
I was lucky, I managed to find a parking space behind the counter of a baked potato stall... I had to wait for the previous driver to move out though......


Here's a few pics from a casino.  I did actually work very briefly as a bouncer in one many moons ago to help out, but that was another story.

By the way if anybody is interested I do have a winning system for roulette, no seriously I really do, if you want to know send £10 to... Honest Wayne c/o the home for deranged photographers, lockhimup lane Surrey on the wold.  By return of post you'll get my system (written in crayon as we can't have sharp things here) and a genuine rust-proof piece of  baking paper.
For every £10 received a donation of bugger all will be made to an overseas charity.

Anyway back briefly to reality, here are the pics.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Apprentice winner fail!

Well done to Mark Wright for winning the Apprentice 2014, one slight snag though is Marks business plan.  You see Marks idea is getting your business higher up the listing on google etc, with his business Climb On Line. Sadly for someone whose specialisation is Internet you would think he'd have bought the domain name for his business first, climbonline both the .com and are both taken.  Looks like your climbing a greasy pole Mark!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Neath little theatre a Christmas carol and the nutter in the audience

To the man in the audience that I had the misfortune to sit next to. Yes you, the man who's wife comes from Berkshire, the man who's wife calls him Victor Meldrew, the man with the fingerless gloves like Mr Scrooge, who had a drink he didn't want and offered it to me.  Guess what!  You really are an arsehole aren't you!.
 I'm sorry but I'm a very sociable person normally, but when I pay good money to go to the theatre to see a fucking play, I don't go to talk to nut cases who should really have a wrap-a-round jacket that fastens at the back, and ten rolls of rubber wallpaper.
Serious warning!!!  Leave me alone.

Now the play.
The show had a fairly simple set but the cast did a good job, with only the one minor "fluff" that I noticed, I enjoyed it anyway. Scrooge really got into the character.  So well done.

Wayne rating 7/10

Morriston hairdressing capital of the world!

Morriston hairdressing capital of the world!   My God I've never seen so many barbers and hairdressers shop in one place, I'd guess half the shop in the entire town are taken up in some way with hair care.  sadly at least half of those left are closed and empty.  My God what a depressing place!
I was there today, the Friday before Christmas, the place was like a ghost town, you know it was so bad it made Port Talbot look good by comparison, ok not as many nutters as Port talbot but more winos thats for sure.