Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Text messages

 Text messages are a quick easy way to send a short message to someone.  You know like "Hi Fred I'm down the pub later it's Bills birthday"  That sort of thing. 
 What they ere not good at is having a three hour bloody conversation, fair enough if somebody asks "do you need butter?"  and you reply "yes please, can you grab some milk as well" What drives me barking bloody mad is when you get twenty five fucking text messages one after the other with someones bloody life story thinly disguised as a question about Christmas.
 Why?  Use the phone if you want a chat.
 Yesterday evening I was trying to catch up on stuff in the house and watch a few programs I'd recorded. Did I get to do that?  NO!!! with two phone calls and twenty five text messages I come close to throwing my phone in the bin.  FFS!
 Seriously I had enough, I turned my phone upside down that turns off the sound.... Except it doesn't do it with text message notifications, in the end I had to turn the sound off, and thats a bit of a bugger because it's my mothers lifeline contact which needs to be left on for emergency calls.
 In the end I got so stressed out my son went out of the house to keep out of my way,  probably thinking he'd annoyed me and it was his fault.
 If you want a chat fair enough, but bleep after bloody bleep drove me bonkers. Phone me if you want a conversation like a normal person!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Horror film terms explained

 Gritty realism.  This means the crew forgot the tripod and the camera is shaky as hell, and because rehearsals didn't happen on location the camera is often in the wrong place and the main subject hidden behind other actors or tables, wall etc.

Moody.  This means the lighting truck couldn't find the location of the abandoned cabin in the middle of nowhere. Either that or the producers couldn't afford the lighting. Also known as "gloomvision".

Exciting.  This means the 20 year old main subjects will run through the wood flat out yet still the middle aged man in the clown suit and shoes who was chasing him will be there be waiting for him at the end of a 3 mile run.

Dramatic.  This means the main actor will stare in stunned shock at birds flying past, a leaf on the floor or a blood soaked room, if it's a females she'll do the same but scream at everything. Often used with terrible music added to try to make it look better after the film editor has fallen about laughing at the "drama".

Ground breaking. This means it's the same old plot used 48 million times before but now with a cunningly shaped twig structure to make it different from the last film with a twig structure.

So frightening the audience were shocked.  This means the film is crap and not actually frightening at all.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Elvis weekend Porthcawl 2017

 I visited the Elvis weekend at Porthcawl again this year, didn't take many pictures. Truth be told my back was hurting quite a lot so I spent a fair bit of the time sitting down where I could to rest it.
 Still got a few pics and here are the ones I liked.

Electric planes...

 Several companies are looking at making "electric aircraft" the idea is short range aircraft are powered by electric motors, the problem is battery technology is still not good enough.
 The battery has improved a lot over the years,  but the basic concept of different chemicals reacting has stayed the same, sadly the battery hasn't improved enough, it's drawbacks are capacity, recharging time, and battery lifespan.
 Until these can be overcome the reality of a battery aircraft is still some way off for the traveling public.  Lets face you you don't want to half way across the Atlantic and hear the pilot asking if any of the passenger has a charger and a very long extension lead.....

Monday, September 11, 2017

Steam train sepia

 This is one of my favorite shots from the Blaenavon railway day, given the sepia treatment here.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Blaenavon steam railway gala 2017

 Heres a few pics from the Blaenavon steam gala.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Some forgotten Doctor Who monsters

 Heres a few of the Doctors monsters you've either never seen or forgotten.

 The Quarkes

 These appeared in the second doctors series the dominators on the planet of dulkis.
 Patrick Troughton was absent from all of the location filming sessions. A double plays the role of the Doctor in all the location footage, his face being clearly visible in some shots.

The Mechonoids appear in the First Doctors series the Chase.