Monday, March 27, 2017

Basic first aid (terror situation)

 In today's risky world first aid knowledge could come in handy, so here's a few basic tips.

First and most important tip!  Do not become a casualty yourself, don't put yourself in harms way to help someone else, yes it sounds callous, but having you as an extra casualty isn't going to help the next first aider who comes along, and you won't be able to help the casualty who was there in the first place

Second step phone for help, never assume someone else has done it, it doesn't matter if twenty people phone, better than no bugger phoning for help.
Tell the emergency service the location, and basic details of the incident, and number of casualties if you know.  If there's a shooter still there tell them that and how many if you know, also what weapons are being used, rifle, pistol or knife etc, this helps them send the proper response.

Now the first aid part

Check the quiet casualties first, the ones shouting and screaming are alive and breathing, the quiet ones may not be.

 ABC. Yes it's that easy, A is for Airway.  B is for Breathing. C is for circulation.

A check the casualty has an airway open, tilt the head back and lift the chin.

B once the airway is open, bend down put your ear by the casualties mouth and listen for breathing, and look for the chest rising and falling. If they are not breathing you'll need to do "rescue breaths" (mouth to mouth)

C Now check for circulation, if you know how to check the pulse check that, if not look for other signs, like blue lips, lack of capillary refill.  If there's no pulse you'll need to do chest compressions as well (full CPR)  the official guidelines are two breaths to thirty compressions, the compressions to the rhythm of the song staying alive.

To be honest it's much better if you learn how to do these properly, there's plenty of courses around, many basic ones free.

Now the serious stuff. 

If there's a knife or big piece of shrapnel sticking in someone, leave it there, it's plugging the wound.

Puncture wounds to the chest, if it's bubbling you need to cover if with either your hand or plastic to seal it, if you can see what side it's on lay the casualty down on that side, that stops the blood running into the undamaged lung, also check for more stab wounds, often there's lots..
If it's a gunshot check the other side of the person as well, almost all rifle and many pistol rounds will go right through a person, small entry wound, big exit wound is usual but not always the case.

Bleeding apply pressure and a dressing if you have one, if it's an artery ( spurting blood) you'll probably need the pressure point  or a tourniquet to control it, you can improvise these if you haven't got a proper one, ideally something wide is better, a belt maybe, about 4 inches the heart side of the wound or amputated limb.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

UK terror advice

 In the wake of the recent UK terror attack I though I'd give a bit of advice for those who might be caught up in an attack.

1. Be aware of whats happening around you, look for people acting strangely (not easy in some place I'll admit) People will sometimes be dressed wrongly, bulky clothing to cover a bomb vest or weapon in summer, looking nervous or worried, wide eyed, that sort of thing.

2. In the event of a bombing in the area be aware of secondary devices, it's quite common to place a bomb in one place then a second bomb where they think people will collect after running away from the first explosion.  Stay away from large windows or big areas of glass, most injuries not caused by the bomb itself are caused by flying glass. Often worse than the explosion.

3. Work on the "plus one" rule thats used by the security services. If theres one bomb expect a second, one shooter, theres probably a second somewhere, often widely spaced out, don't just focus on the one person, check around for more threats.

4. Active shooter situations.  Try and get out of the way of fire, even if it's just out of sight of the shooter (remember the plus one rule) if your near shops consider going through the shop and out the fire exit or a secure area of the shop.  If the shooter is firing full auto they will get about six or eight short bursts, and firing continuously about 4 seconds (AK47 30 round mag) before they'll need to change magazines, then theres a few seconds window to move or attack.

5. Cover, theres a lot of bullshit on TV about cover from fire, our hero can be seen hiding behind rubbish bins (garbage cans) and car doors. The fact is an AK round will happily go right through a car door, in one side out the other through you and probably through the other door on the other side of the car.  The only part of a car that will offer a good chance of cover in the engine block and possibly the wheels. 
Almost all internal walls offer no cover from fire and even brick walls are not safe from rifle fire.  Thick concrete is pretty good as are thick stone walls (old Church etc) sandbags is pretty good and water is excelent, about 6 foot of water will stop pretty much any rifle or even heavy machine gun fire

6. Moving.  if you have a shooter with a pistol more than thirty foot away theres a better than even chance they wont hit a fast moving target, don't run in a straight line, try and weave or get things between you and the shooter, pistol bullets don't have the same power as a rifle so they are easier to stop, although most will still go through a car.

 Tomorrow I'll cover some handy items to carry and a bit about first aid.

Some recent photos

 Heres a few recent photos, we went back to a disused railway siding, not much left there now, and I was mostly doing video, that and I wasn't feeling too good meant theres not many still pics, and a few of these are stills off the Go-Pro.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Looking back

 I did some editing this morning in Adobe Lightroom, then after I started looking back through some of the photos I've taken over the last few years, it's supprising how they remind me of the days I took them and what happened on those days.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Apple IPhone warning?

  A man accidentally killed himself by using his Apple IPhone in the bath while the phone was  plugged into the charger with a mains extension lead.
  Apple have now been asked by the coroner to include a warning with all new products advising customers not to use the device while in the bath/shower if the product is connected to the mains via the charger..
 This raises a few questions.
 One is it really Apples fault if the customer does something silly with their product.
 Two, what other risks should they consider?

 Here's a few I've come up with (not limited to Apple products but for ANY phone)
1. Do not use your phone alarm to wake you up while your sleeping on the shore of crocodile
infested rivers, while wearing a beef waistcoat.
2.Do not use your phones camera for "selfies" while standing in the middle of a racing circuit during the F1 race.
3. Do not use your phone to call the fire and rescue service (WTF was wrong with fire brigade?) while you are actually on fire, put the fire out first by rolling on the ground, then phone.

 Seriously people, why the hell should Apple have to bear the cost of adding a warning not to do something bloody silly, you can't cater for all possible situations where using the phone could put the user at risk. People have to use some common sense.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Send money to Africa?

 I had an advert pop up on one of the forums I'm on the other day from something called world remit (never heard of them) and they implored me to "send money to Africa".  Well it was nice of them to consider asking me but, what the fuck has Africa sent me? I had a hard think and frankly all I can think of is they've sent me bugger all.
 So why the hell should I send them anything.  Well I'm not mean, I've got some dodgy bread left, I'll pop that in an envelope and send them that (without a stamp of course)  Yes I'm all heart arn't I.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

A short walk in the woods

We took a shart walk yesterday, first time I've been out with the camera for a while.

Calendar April and May pages

Heres April and May.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Spud the dog chilling....

Yes, it's Spud chilling out on his favorite leather arm chair.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Accuweather, whats accurate about it?

 I've had Accuweather on my phone for ages and the one thing I have noticed is it's consistently WRONG!  Indeed today according to last nights forecast was sunny with some clouds, in fact it's 100% cloud cover (overcast) and raining, so only about 100% wrong as usual.
 I suppose if I look at the "forecast" and expect the total opposite it'll be about right.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Go-Pro file sizes?

 I shot some video the other week with my Go-pro hero 4 black, in fact I shot about 15 gb -ish, not too bad you'd think.... Except when I convert it in Go-Pro studio it ends up around 35 gb, + the original 15gb, then I have to export it, thats another 3.5 gb (and thats only 720p)
 So my original 15 gb is now around 54 gb.
 God help if I start shooting full length films in 4K, I'll be using a cray supercomputer just to store the bloody footage....

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Finding Bigfoot "Dude it's a squatch"

 Well series nine came to a dramatic end this week with the team spotting a possible bigfoot.
 Earlier they had heard strange noises, seen mysterious red lights and finally spotted a large creature walking on two legs, one of the team goes to investigate saying "do not follow me" and just after "dude it's a squatch"
 Dramatic climax to series nine.... Ahhh!,  not quite, it turns out the "squatch" is actually Steve one of the members of the local bigfoot team helping them.
 So well done guys, nearly ten years work and you've finally caught a bigsteve on camera....  Clowns.  I'd quit while your ahead guys, thats the best your going to get.

The thermal image.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Killing Bigfoot.... I give up!

 Well I made myself watch the first three episodes of "Killing Bigfoot" and... Well where the fuck do I start!
 The show is so obviously staged and fake my IQ went down 20 points just watching the fucking thing.  The only way any of these muppet's will kill a Bigfoot is if they accidentally run it over on the way home.
 New members leaving their posts and wandering around in a woods full of alleged hunters, seriously?  How monumentally stupid would a person have to be to do that knowing they are all supposedly out to shoot a human like creature.
 One of these imbeciles even supposedly gets himself "treed" by one after his gun jams, so a highly experienced hunter after a claimed big game animal and no back-up pistol and a poorly maintained firearm.
 The hunters are shown sitting in the woods, obviously lit with lights and filmed by a camera crew, yeah, thats going to make it hard for Bigfoot to spot them then.
 Fake staged bullshit!!!!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Top Gear (BBC) has returned

 Well with little or now fan fair the BBC Top Gear/flop gear program returned to the screen last night.  The bad news is it still hasn't got Clarkson, Hammond and May.  The good news is the Bloody awful shouty Chris Evans has gone   YEAH!!!!!
 Whether that'll help the program survive is anybodies guess, but frankly with Evans it had no chance.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

SS-GB 2017 (mini series)

"A British homicide detective investigates a murder in a German-occupied England in a parallel universe where the Nazis won World War II." IMDb

 Based on the 1978 book of the same name by Len Deighton the story revolves around Superintendent Douglas Archer (Sam Riley) investigation of a man found shot dead. Also featuring James Cosmo as Harry Woods, Rainer Bock as Fritz Kellerman.
 The murder investigation then starts to get odd when very senior German SS officers start joining the (what should be a simple murder) investigation.  The body also has some strange injuries to it.
 Not going to give too much away.

 The series has got a very authentic look to it, and a lot of the details seem right for the period, it's a little on the gloomvision side (being quite dark) and a number of viewers have complained of poor sound as theres a lot of quiet talking, I had no problems but I am listening to it with headphones (my usual system) maybe with speakers there might be an issue.

Waynes rating 6.5/10  Looks promising but I've only seen the first episode, it might get a higher rating as it goes on.