Friday, August 26, 2011

Torchwood miracle day

Torchwood miracle day, the new series has been running for 7 weeks now and I have to say even as a fan of it I'm finding it hard going. the 10 part series could easily have been made in 6 without all the pointless "padding"
In the last episode we were given a good old naked gay love scene, why for heaven sake? you didn't need to actually show it, we all know Captain Jack is gay, it was really going to far.

I have nothing against gays, indeed I have several good gay friends, but I really don't want to watch them making love (or straight people either come to that) and certainly not on telly at my expence.
Torchwood... more like gaywood now. That coupled with the move of most of the filming to the USA has really spoiled what used to be a damm good series.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Big brother is back.

Yes bad news I'm afraid, Big Brother is back. A so called celebrity version, I use the word celebrity loosely (big brother has a different definition to everybody else I think)

We have Jedwood (or deadwood) two clowns whose biggest hit was a car insurance advert, and they weren't even the stars of that.
Then theres Kerry Katona, mother of 4 at 31, whose claim to fame is she was lead singer for a band 10 years ago, more recently in the news for drug addiction.
Theres a couple of well known peoples wives (one was actually in a tv series 10 years ago )
Next we have a gypsy site owner, a trained beautician, a small time actress, a photographer, a small time tv actor, and a male model.

Celebrities? Where? No-hopers, loosers, has-beens and I married a celebrity is more like it, these aren't even Z list celebs never mind A list.
I for one won't be watching this drivel.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bleeping annoyed!

Yes I'm bleeping annoyed! Why?, because everything these days "bleeps" at me. I use the phone every button bleeps.
I turn on the computer and it plays a bloody tune while it's starting up, why for gods sake I know it's on, I turned it on, same when you turn it off.
My watch bleeps every hour and 7.40 every morning, buggered if I can work out how to stop it, it's insanely complicated.
My camera bleeps to tell me it's in focus, buses and lorries bleep when they reverse..... How did we manage to live for all those thousands of years without the dreaded bleep.