Sunday, January 31, 2016

Project 12 the Bunker 2016 (film review)

 "The Russians scrap a dangerous scientific project designed to change the course of history. A manhunt ensues after they unsuccessfully attempt to exterminate all the scientists involved in the top secret project." IMDb

 The film reminded me a lot of the film Outpost (2007) and it's follow up's.
 The basic plot is a secret weapon hidden in an underground Russian bunker, a small group of mecenaries and a Russian who was part of the project go to recover it.
 The sets were pretty good and the acting fair, the film doesn't have the usual low busget feel, it's more like a proper Holywood version.
Staring James Cosmo, Joaquin Sanchez, Natasha Alam, Eric Roberts, Timothy Gibbs and Tony Corvillo.

Waynes rating  6/10 a fair movie better than many of a similar style.

Friday, January 29, 2016

I wouldn't say it's rained a lot lately... But...

 I wouldn't say it's rained a lot lately... But...  I've seriously considered making an ark!
 Indeed I even got a bit of wood and started carving, but then I remembered what happened to the wooden boat I made in woodwork in school.... It floated nicely.. upside down.
 I also thought about the business of collecting all the animals, but then theres over a 1000.000 species of ant, and that's without the hassle of keeping the bloody anteaters away from them, and I'd need more ants for the anteaters to eat.  You see what I mean, it's a total pain in the arse!
 Then theres mount Ararat, I mean suppose I end up on the top of that like the last ark is supposed to. It's in Eastern Turkey for a start, so a bloody long walk home (and that's without the wet bits) and have you seen it?  It's huge, it's nearly 17.000 foot above sea level.  Fair enough landing on the top of a pointy mountain, that's dodgy enough for a start, but how the hell am I going to get the elephants and giraffes down the bugger, they are not noted mountain climbers, indeed theres no record of one scaling Everest ever!
 So I've had a bit of a think and basically I've decided sod it!  I'll dust off my armbands and bollocks to the animals.... That'll save so much work....

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hyena road 2015 (film review)

 "Three different men, three different worlds, three different wars - all stand at the intersection of modern warfare - a murky world of fluid morality where all is not as it seems." IMDb

 Set in Afghanistan with Canadian soldiers, and staring Rossif Sutharland and Paul Gross and filmed in Manitoba and Jordan.
 The setting look pretty good and for a war film they actually got the weapons muzzle flash right... there isn't much of one in the real world.
 The film revolves around a small patrol of soldiers and the conflict between various groups of Taliban, with visits to the main base control room.
 I found the film quite watchable, it reminded me a lot of the series Generation kill (2008) which itself was good, although this portrays the Canadian soldiers as more professional, the American Marines in Generation kill were portrayed as being a bit "gung-ho" and wild.

Waynes rating 7.5/10  Worth a watch.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mr's Browns boys stage show

 Now I have seen some of the Mr's Browns boys tv series but I've not really watched it properly, this week I saw the 2015 stage show DVD.  Mr's Browns Boys, how now brown cow. To say I found it funny in an understatment, I was nearly crying laughing, not so much at the scripted show, more at the ad-libs, they are trying to crack each other up.  I found it very funny (and I don't say that a lot these days)  In fact I found it so funny I went and got the 2014 stage show as well... That started a little slow then got into full ad-lib gear, another funny 2 hours.
I must find out when the 2016 show is on and try and see it live.

Waynes laugh rating  11/10 (yes honest)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Strange logic ?

 I've just been down my local shop and seen two groups of junior school children (with teachers) walking down the road all in high-vis yellow jackets.
 Now if it was dusk on a grim grey winters day I wouldn't comment.  But it isn't!  It's a lovely sunny bright winters day at nearly lunch time.
 It's the logic that baffles me, or rather lack of it.  If it's bright and sunny drivers should be able to see ten children and two teachers anyway, without bright yellow jackets.  It's health and safety I hear you say, and yes it probably is.  But that still doesn't make it sensible. 
 You see if the children are at risk at lunch-o-clock on a bright sunny day, why aren't they still at risk at tea time when they go home and it's getting dark, or morning when they go to school, and it's just getting light.
 They walk the same pavements, but instead of being with trained teachers they are possibly with a hung-over dozy retarded parent, so much safer then! So why don't they have to wear the high-vis to and from school for safety?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Rip off Britain (as usual)

 We don't have a toilet roll holder in our house, it broke some years ago and I never got around to fixing it, it isn't a big deal as there's a sort of stand thingy in the bathroom that holds all sorts of odds and ends (mostly crap)   Anyway the usual practice is to stand the toilet roll on the radiator near the toilet when it's being used, this system has worked nicely since the holder broke....  Until today that is.
 You see the new roll kept falling off, the old rolls were balanced a bit precariously but would stay there if you placed them carefully.  So why does the new roll fall off, the answer is simple the cardboard tube inside is bigger, this keeps the roll looking the same size with less paper on it, I dug out the old packing from the old roll and sure enough theres less sheets.  So the roll actually looks slighty bigger and better value, but in fact you get less toilet paper for the same money.   Bastards!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Euromillions lottery... is it worth it?

 Well having sat down and done some maths the answer is no, your roughly ten times more lightly to get struck by lightning than win, your about 8000 times more lightly to drown in your bath than win, and if your aged under 25 you need to buy your ticket 15 minutes before it closes to have a better chance of winning that dying in the 15 minutes before the draw.
 You have a slightly better chance of randomly dialing someone in Germany (assuming everyone in the country had a phone) and getting the exact person you wanted to call first time.
 So save your money.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

And you think flying's safe....

 It's the 7th of January and there has been 4 air accidents since the new year, none of which you'll have seen mentioned on the news (unless your lucky) Indeed there were 2 on Christmas eve that didn't get mentioned either....  So if your flying anywhere this year remember, it's only the big accidents at big airports you'll see on the news.
 And if you are flying, please use a plane, that flapping knackers your arms... 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

More design fails...

 I've got brand new boots with the laces going already, I've got a washing machine that dislikes taking in water, I've still got bloody shampoo bottles that fall over all the time because they are top heavy and have to stand on uneven sides of a bath.  Don't even get me started on energy saving light bulbs that are supposed to last a million years but last a week, I have door that wont stay open or bloody closed, I've got remote controls that only work a few feet from the telly... the clue is in the word remote...
 Then there's carrier bag and rubbish bags so thin stuff falls through,  food packets you need a plasma cutter to open, non ring pull tins, why?, the ring pulls been around years!
 Seriously though why is it so impossible to actually design and make these things properly, I mean really how hard can it be to make a shampoo bottle heavier at the bloody bottom instead of heavier at the top.
 There's a challenge for Lord Sugar and the Apprentice team, actually make something to work properly, just for once... Please!!!

Friday, January 1, 2016


 The 2015 ? Christmas special has just finished and I have to say it was quite good... However I had sussed who the murderer was from pretty early on and why the murders where being committed, less obvious was why Moriarty was in it, and why the story jumped back and fro in time.  It was like a confusing episode of Doctor Who.
 And another thing, I thought the Beeb were not supposed to use the name Sherlock Holmes any more after a lawsuit?
 Being honest I think having it set in the 1880's is far better, it's as the books were written for a start, all the high tech nonsense just spoils it.