Wednesday, January 6, 2016

More design fails...

 I've got brand new boots with the laces going already, I've got a washing machine that dislikes taking in water, I've still got bloody shampoo bottles that fall over all the time because they are top heavy and have to stand on uneven sides of a bath.  Don't even get me started on energy saving light bulbs that are supposed to last a million years but last a week, I have door that wont stay open or bloody closed, I've got remote controls that only work a few feet from the telly... the clue is in the word remote...
 Then there's carrier bag and rubbish bags so thin stuff falls through,  food packets you need a plasma cutter to open, non ring pull tins, why?, the ring pulls been around years!
 Seriously though why is it so impossible to actually design and make these things properly, I mean really how hard can it be to make a shampoo bottle heavier at the bloody bottom instead of heavier at the top.
 There's a challenge for Lord Sugar and the Apprentice team, actually make something to work properly, just for once... Please!!!

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