Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mr's Browns boys stage show

 Now I have seen some of the Mr's Browns boys tv series but I've not really watched it properly, this week I saw the 2015 stage show DVD.  Mr's Browns Boys, how now brown cow. To say I found it funny in an understatment, I was nearly crying laughing, not so much at the scripted show, more at the ad-libs, they are trying to crack each other up.  I found it very funny (and I don't say that a lot these days)  In fact I found it so funny I went and got the 2014 stage show as well... That started a little slow then got into full ad-lib gear, another funny 2 hours.
I must find out when the 2016 show is on and try and see it live.

Waynes laugh rating  11/10 (yes honest)

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