Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Rip off Britain (as usual)

 We don't have a toilet roll holder in our house, it broke some years ago and I never got around to fixing it, it isn't a big deal as there's a sort of stand thingy in the bathroom that holds all sorts of odds and ends (mostly crap)   Anyway the usual practice is to stand the toilet roll on the radiator near the toilet when it's being used, this system has worked nicely since the holder broke....  Until today that is.
 You see the new roll kept falling off, the old rolls were balanced a bit precariously but would stay there if you placed them carefully.  So why does the new roll fall off, the answer is simple the cardboard tube inside is bigger, this keeps the roll looking the same size with less paper on it, I dug out the old packing from the old roll and sure enough theres less sheets.  So the roll actually looks slighty bigger and better value, but in fact you get less toilet paper for the same money.   Bastards!

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