Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sgwd Henrhyd (Henrhyd Waterfall)

Not one of the easiest falls to find, at least one set of directions on the web is wrong.
My starting point was Neath, I took the A465 to the main Glynneath turn off (the next one after the McDonalds turning off) then at the main crossroad in Glyneath take the road to Abercrave, go up the hill and after it levels out on the top a mile or so along is a right turn marked Coelbren, at the T junction turn right, go through the vilage and just after the vilage you will see a small bridge, turn left here (it looks a bit like a private drive) There is a small wooden sign on the gate but it's all too easy to miss when your driving, just down this road is the carpark.
From here walk through the gate and down into the valley, at the bottom it doubles back on itself and you cross a small bridge, then a short distance along is the falls (which you can walk behind, take care it's slippery and rocks do fall)  The walk from the car park is probably only about 10 or 15 mins, coming back up is a bit harder though. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

National Health Service

Our dear old NHS has really gone to the dogs, I friend waited 15 hours in casualty with his wife who had breathing difficulties, totally unacceptable.
Another close friend had a motorcycle accident and the hospital couldn't tell if he'd broken his neck, they had to eamil his xrays to another hospital for their doctor to check, even then they managed to fit him with the wrong collar.
It seems I have been having the wrong treatment for my bac for the last 6 months, perhaps if the person carrying out the treatment took the trouble to actually speak to me he might find out.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Cove Swansea (restaurant review)

The Cove, castle street Swansea.
First off please note I'm nothing to do with this restaurant other than a customer.   I visited the place for the first time yesterday, and I'm not connected with the place in any way.

I went to the Cove on the recommendation of the lady who works for my  insurance company.  The Cove has a "bistro" feel to me, I ordered a chicken with garlic and herb baguette, and a coffee, when the baguette arrived it was huge and with a salad and a pot of dressing, it did cost just over a fiver all in but it was a fair meal and the baguette was stunning, really excellent.
Will I eat there again.... you bet I will, good food is hard to find.
Waynes rating    8/10