Monday, October 27, 2008

Some new images from today. One black and white, one infra red. Wayne

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Is it me or am I the only person who thinks putting the clocks backward and forward is a BLOODY STUPID IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!.... I mean what on earth is the point? I have heard all sorts of reasons given, but none actually stand any real scrutiny. In the "carbon footprint" time using more electric lighting seems a bit pointless. Then theres the fact that in todays modern word we have a lot more things set to time, computers, moble phones. heating timers etc etc, it now take me ages to re-set all these things (time lost costs money remember) I think it's time to scrap this useless wartime idea and come into the modern world. (gets off soapbox)


Monday, October 20, 2008

Something new today. Waynes How not to take wedding photos!!

Here are a few examples from a well known wedding photographer only the names and faces have been changes to protect the innocent (and the rather dodgy! hee hee) and before anybody asks these are NOT taken by myself, neither were they set up, these are real pics from a real wedding, believe it or not.

Lesson one when your shooting indoors use flash or at least set your cameras colour balance to the correct setting (not daylight) Wayne

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Well very busy as usual, lots of interesting things happening, like a well known local wedding photographer who shot all the nice pretty couple shots on 1600 iso so they now have really grainey photos ( no it's not me either lol). The same tog then went and shot a whole wedding on a new untested camera and lens, a real big no no! . You never use untested kit for anything important.
Todays image is a local-ish waterfall taken recently, I haven't been to this one for years. Wayne

Friday, October 10, 2008

Another new photo today, this time a split toned shot taken in Swansea today, I had to go in to pay some bills so i took the camera out with me.

I came home a different way, past where I used to live, hadn't been past there for years. Things haven't changed much, but it stirred up to many memories, good and bad, so on a bit of a downer tonight.

I'll be fine though, I'm a survivor. Wayne

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sorry sorry sorry! for the long wait for an update! Yes I know I'm always apologising but I do mean it.

This last few weeks have been quite hectic, and to make life more difficult I have been ill.

I looked up my symptoms online and it seems I have had a combination of Pneumonic plague, Beriberi, Jackson-Weiss Syndrome, and Ebola....... or it might just have been a touch of Flu? Either way I felt pretty rough for a few days, although I'm on the mend now.

On to the photos, here's a couple more wedding shots, ones a sunset version of my earlier moonlight shot, the others a normal wedding shot. I haven't been out shooting recently so I need to get out and get some landscapes soon, or I'll get withdrawal symptoms lol. Wayne