Thursday, February 9, 2017

FFS Hollywood get it right!

 It drives me bonkers when the dozy Muppet's in Hollywood try to pretend they are in Africa by putting a stupid orange filter on the camera.
 What the fuck is wrong with these idiots, Africa isn't bloody orange for Gods sake, for that matter neither is bloody  Miami (CSI Miami please note)    It really baffles me, is it because American viewers are so stupid it needs to be orange to show it's hot. or is it because the silly bastards who make the programs can't be bothered to find out what abroad actually looks like.
 Heres what I mean, the series Six (seal team 6) this episode is set in Nigeria, see the pics are all orange/sepia, below are some real pics of Nigeria, notice they are not FUCKING ORANGE!!!!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Killing Bigfoot update...

 Well I've watched the first episode and....   I wasn't hopeful to be honest, and I wasn't disappointed, talk about rubbish! 
 It looked promising just for a bit, the men were all hunters, they settled quietly in the woods, then it got silly, staged branches dropping (caught in slow motion at night) lots of talking on radios, walking about with torches on, finding bugger all basically.
 Just for once can we please have a proper scientific search for bigfoot (I'll do it if the moneys there)  Not walking 50 yards away from camp and sitting there with a camera crew, doing it properly, some ex forces people who know what they are doing, dropped off deep in the woods, set up proper OP's and wait.

Killing Bigfoot

 A new series called Kiling Bigfoot started this week, a team of crack commandos go hunting bigfoot in order to shoot it to prove it exists... or existed if it's then dead... ?
 I haven't watched it yet but it should be interesting to see how "crack" these commandos are.
 More info after I've watched it.

Febuary and March calendar pages

 A tad late so sorry about the feb page but lifes been a bit busy.

Saturday, February 4, 2017


 I'm all for recycling, I hate to see waste.  But the two problems I have with it are one, why is it so complicated.  Theres plastic you can recycle, plastics you can't, cardboard you can recycle, cardboard you can't etc etc...
 The second problem I have with it is why make it so hard to actually do.  Take milk cartons, some the labels just slip off, others the labels are glued on with something like superglue.
 Tins have the labels usually glued on, but because they are tight you have to use a knife or your nails to remove the label.
 But worse... Far worse are bottles and jars, most of the ones I buy have labels apparently put on to resist a direct hit by a 50 mt nuclear blast.  Why in Gods name does a jar of pasta sauce need a label put on in such a way as to stop you scrapping it off, soaking it off, or indeed even burning it off  (seriously I've tried)  How bloody hard can it be to make a label that we can get off easily..

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Finding bigfoot season 9, are they any closer.....

 Well it's season 9 of "Not" Finding Bigfoot.  Are the team any closer to finding an actual bigfoot... Well lets put it this way, I'm marginally closer to finding a flock of geese in my sock draw, and I don't even have a sock draw.
 In 9 years about the closest this lot have go to finding a bigfoot is a few tree knocks, howls in the distance (probably coyote) and a few brief vague "hot spots" on a thermal imaging camera that frankly could be anything from a bigfoot to a passing duck.  The reason we don't know is because whenever they "see" anything, they just stand there and wait for it to come out of the woods and say hello.  Most serious investigators would go closer to the object to get a close up view.
 I've said before the way to see wild animals isn't to make a lot of noise, it's to sit very still and quiet and the wild life doesn't know your there to avoid.  lets face it even bears will usually avoid people if they make a lot of noise (something your told to do in bear country) and bears are a predator, the same we assume as a bigfoot would be.
 So the short answer are they any closer to finding bigfoot..... NO!