Saturday, February 28, 2015

Big Bang Theory, what's happen to the show?

I watched the latest episode this week season 8 episode 16 (The intimacy acceleration) for me the show reached a new low point.   The latest series has struggled to find it's way from the beginning. 
 I think the series has lost it's original concept of a few geeky guys trying to find their way in life, the characters have changed hugely since the original pilot episode, before it was just about believable, now it's just silly.  You have Penny the dumb waitress now working in a powerful job and getting smarter with every episode. Howards married someone who sounds exactly like his mother, Leonard and Penny seem to be set on getting married. Raj seems to be the comic relief with a smaller and smaller part all the time, come on guys get back to your roots!
 As I mentioned earlier the show hit a new low point this week with the cast using the loss of Howards mother Debbie Walowitz ashes at an airport, I say new low point because the actress who played her died in real life in November last year (Carol Ann Susi age 61) in last weeks episode the cast made a nice gesture to Howards mothers death, then just a week later use it for a bit of weak comedy. Tasteless and unnecessary.
 The show just isn't funny any more, and it seems I'm not alone in saying that.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Leonard Nimoy

Actor and photographer Leonard Nimoy died today age 83. Leonard best remembered for his role as Spock in the original Star Trek tv series and movies.
He started his film and tv career in 1951 with Kid Monk Baroni (a boxing movie) and went on to play in many tv series and movies.
Although best remembered for playing Spock it's not so well known that he was in a number of episodes of the series Sea Hunt with Lloyd Bridges, and 4 episodes of Wagon Train, 4 episodes of Gun Smoke, 91 episodes of Ancient mysteries (narrator), no less than a 145 episodes of In Search of (host/narrator) and of course 49 episodes of Mission Impossible as the great Paris.
Leonard leaves a wife and 2 children.
His last few tweets included a brief poem.  A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.
and his final tweet Live long and prosper.

Goodbye Mr Spock.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bigfoot in daylight

Well I said I wanted to see Bigfoot in daylight so here it is, after lots of stalking and even more donuts a daylight shot of a ...... well Bigfoot?
I was hoping to get video of a real Bigfoot in the woods near me, but after me stalking him/her, he or she has taken out an injunction to stop me stalking (only in the UK eh!) So sadly there's unlikely to be any video, that and frankly I can't be arsed to make one.
So from the evidence of your own eyes Bigfoot in Wales is clearly real....  Well the camera never lies does it....

Sorry about the quality of the blow-up but like all Bigfoot shots there seems to be some blurring, must be a Bigfoot thing, or maybe a gausine blur type thing......

My hugely expensive Bigfoot tours will be starting soon along with all the merchandising,  so no ulterior motive then.     Next week my hunt for the Loch Ness monster!!   Wink!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Genuine pilots last words from CVR

These are real last words from cockpit voice recorders. Some would be almost funny if it wasn't for the fact that the people died.

Skipper's shot!  We've been shot. I was trying to help.

Have you still got the runway OK? Ah .. just barely .. we'll pick up the ILS here.

 We're finished!

 Sound of stickshaker begins and continues to end of recording
(the stickshaker shakes the controls to warn the pilots of an impending stall)

 There he is .. look at him!  Goddamn that son-of-a-bitch is coming! Get off!
(mid air collision)

 Ma I love you.

United 173, Mayday!  We're... the engines are flaming out - we're going down!

Actually, these conditions don't look very good at all, do they?

 No need for that, we are okay, no problem, no problem.

 Larry, we're going down, Larry....  I know it!

 Push it way up.

 What? There's what?  Some hills, isn't there?

 Oh  #### this can't be!Oh  #### this can't be!

 Goodnight, Goodbye, We Perish!

 Watch out for those pylons ahead, eh. See them? Yeah, yeah, don't worry.

 What the hell was that?  I don't know.

 Going, going down, going down, copied going down?

 A bit low, bit low, bit low.

Crash landing.  We're goin' in.  We're going down.

 Aw ####, we're off course...we're way off.

 That's weird with no lights.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Buying a diary

Why is it so hard to buy a diary?  I know it's Febuary but I've been trying to find one since January.  The shops seem to sell them for about a week each side of Christmas, then it appears the vaporise or self destruct.
Now a 2015 diary isn't any good next year so what do the shops do with the ones they didn't sell?  I mean theres no point in sending them back, the printer isn't going to have a use for them. So why is it so bloody hard to find one.
I actually had to order one online, and even then it'll take four days for the shop to get it.
The most annoying part is I tried to get one before Christams but the shops just said they won't be in till January....

Looking for Bigfoot, the first images.

Well as Staples say. That was easy!  
Here are the first images, both are frames from remote cameras trigered by a motion sensor.
The first night vision shot isn't that clear, you can make out something but it's hard to tell what it is. In the second thermal imaging shot the target is much clearer.
Obviously theres lots more work to do,  including a daylight shot if possible, but I'm pretty confidant I'l have it sorted by the end of the week

Note I'm not claiming this is a real live genuine Bigfoot picture, I want to see it myself in daylight before I make any such claims.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Bigfoot Port Talbot... the search grows closer...

Well I've plotted the 857.293 local sightings of Bigfoot on my map of the area... maybe using pins was a bad idea as the maps now fallen apart.  Anyway I have more or less figured out the area I need to concentrate on with my search team... Ok perhaps team isn't quite the right word, well me and Bily the dog, but you get the idea.
 Now as soon as my looking for Bigfoot baseball cap and raid jacket arrive I can start the search properly... Well I wouldn't want to see a real Bigfoot without my cap on would I?
I will post some pictures when I find Bigfoot, and I'm quietly confidant I will fairly soon.  You see I have a few tings going for me.  I know how to move quietly through woods, I know about camouflage, and I know the area really well.  I plan to use donuts to lure Bigfoot out in the open, although it's costing me a fortune in them as they keep getting eaten before I leave the house. I also suspect they will slow Bigfoot down, they're bloody slowing me down anyway
Now some say I'm properly bonkers, some say I'm only dreaming of finding a Bigfoot. Others say I'm taking the piss out of the Finding Bigfoot tv series.  Only time and the pictures will tell......  You go figure it out...

Self service checkouts

A recent survey has found almost a third of people using self service checkouts in supermarkets steal one or more items. The survey also found that the vast majority of those stealing items were not habitual shoplifters but normal customers who simply couldn't get the checkout to recognise an item, they simply gave up trying to get the item recognised and couldn't or wouldn't find an assistant to do the job. They then stole the item they needed, sometimes because they were too shamed to call for help and look stupid.
 Personally I can't stand the things.  The few times I've tried them they have failed virtually every time.
The words "unexpected item in bagging area" come up.
Curious that a loaf of bread or a bottle of milk is unexpected in a shop that sells food?  Maybe the supermarket doesn't really sell these items and someone has sneaked in and put two hundred bottles of milk there without being noticed?  Maybe, but my guess is the self service machines are total shit!
 The last time I used one it tried to mug me. No I'm serious! It kept about four pounds odd of my change.  I had to find an assistant and they had to get a manager, who then took the fucking piece of crap machine apart to get my change out. That took two people about twenty five minutes... how many people could they have served in that time with a proper check out???

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Some movie taglines you'll probably never hear...

"Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the kittens."

"Your only supposed to blow the bloody dolphin up!"

" He'll never make it out of there alive... I killed him yesterday."

" They can hear you scream in Tesco."

"I am  leg-end"

"Cardiff we have a problem."

" You'll believe a man can fall over."

"They're not back yet."

"Who ya gonna call and get an answerphone message."

We're not alone, my sisters still here."

A sunset or two and a few black and white from last night

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Well done Vauxhall (new advert)

A big thank you to Vauxhall for having a silent advert. What a clever idea!  Your cars are so good you don't need a tiger flying a plane to land on the car roof to get people interested, no your cars sell themselves.
 Why anyone with two or more brain cells would need a car that doubles as runway lights baffles me in the first place, then we have a clever car that hides from you... Just what you fucking need in tescos bloody car park when you have a trolly full of shopping. 
Then theres the "hot wheels" car advert where the car goes flying through loops of road.... Err remember how hard your hot wheels cars always hit the skirting board after the loop... Not for me then thank you, airbag or no airbag.
But seriously Vauxhall, your advert works by making people stop and look at the telly.  Ok they think the sound has gone, but they look.  And the very fact your advert isn't silly and aimed at a three year old makes me think seriously of buying one of your cars (well if I was in the market for a new car) but best of all is it's quiet....  Works for me.

What next?

You can now buy a new electronic tape measure, this linked to an App means you should never buy the wrong size clothes again so they say... Well except for the small issue of the actual sizes tend to have bugger all in common with the label size.  Add in the fact that you can buy two shirts the same size from the same manufactures and they will both be totally different sizes (and often made in different countries) 
My shoe size varies form a size 9 to a size 11 or even 12 depending on the make, and thats just uk sizes, God help if you have to buy from abroad.
I won't be wasting my money on a pointless digital tape measure, thats for sure!

What happened to tv series... ?

There was a time when a tv company showed a series in, say ten parts.  Every week on the same day and time your favorite show would be on.  Remember the old Batman series ending "Same Time same channel next week" it meant you could watch your series without trying to figure out when it was on. Common sense you would say.
Well not to the Americans it seems, try watching most US series and you'll end up either searching through the tv papers, or worse missing your favorite show.
Take the Big bang theory for example, they've had something like 3 episodes since before Christmas, and we're well into February, even worse the days and time change, that coupled with the constant showing of untitled repeats means the chances of actually seeing or recording the new episode is slim.
Criminal minds has stopped for the second time since Christmas, why the breaks? 
Once people start missing new episodes they tend to give up watching, you soon loose the thread of the story, or you tune in and find someones died and you have no idea whats happened.
I really can't see any good reason for mucking about with the viewers, it's the viewing figures that are key to keeping a program running and bringing in advertising revenue.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Light trails reply

In reply to the question I've been asked.  No I'm not standing on the hard shoulder of the motorway taking those pictures, that would be bloody silly and dangerous. There's a set of public steps that happen to be really close to the motorway that I use.  You can see the railings in one of the photos.
Safety advice.  Do not stand on the hard shoulder to take photographs. Don't even stand there if you break down, get behind the crash barrier and walk back about 20 meters towards the place you come from. The reason for that is if your car is hit by another vehicle either the car itself or debris could hit you if your in front or close alongside the car.
And keep an eye on the traffic approaching, that way you'll see trouble coming and that extra second could give you time to dive for cover.
You might be supprised just how many vehicle get hit on the hard shoulder.

Big brother.... good and bad news...

First the bad news. Big brother and seriously looking at doing a show from the planet Mars (no not the chocolate bar, do pay attention!) that means they are planning on doing the series for at least another ten years or so. See what I mean about bad news....
Now the good news.. the chances of anybody actually getting to Mars alive and setting up any kind of space station and still wanting to be on the really crap sexist, racist excuse for entertainment called big brother is pretty slim. Indeed the odds of anybody getting there alive in the foreseeable future is unlikely.
Besides I don't think they have thought it through.  Jim has just been voted out of the big brother house, and now he's dead as theres no freaking air on Mars!  Well not enough air to survive anyway.

Big brother do the world a favor and pack it in, please... Pretty please...???

Monday, February 16, 2015

Finding bigfoot... the UK connection.

The team from finding Bigfoot are now into series seven (filming now), yet despite combing the world with sophisticated night vision, and thermal imaging cameras they appear to be no closer to finding a Bigfoot than I am to finding an island made of chocolate off the coast of Port Talbot. And trust me I've looked hard!
Crashing about in the woods making "squach" calls and banging trees isn't the way to see wildlife.
 I've said it before but that's just not the way to try and find an elusive creature (if it even exists) 
 Think about it.  Your looking for a very large hominid type creature that seems to avoid people.  The clue is there. It avoids people!  Try barking like your dog, yes he'll look at you but your not talking in dog, he can tell the difference between you and a real dog.  The same with a Bigfoot, the only person your fooling is yourself, the Bigfoot, if it exists knows the call isn't from another Bigfoot, it's just some prat in the woods making silly noises.  And the woods used to be sooooo quiet... !
 No the way to find it is to move very quietly and look for places it's going to have to use. A large biped animal won't push through fresh thick brush each time it goes for water or food, thats hard work it'll use the same paths or tracks every time. Again a large animal need to eat a lot of food, that means it's eating or looking for food a lot of the time, so it's out and about moving. So in daylight you look for possible places, then you set up infra red cameras (or watchers) the watchers have to not wash (no after shave), not smoke, or talk and stay very still. Things that live in the wild tend to have a good sense of smell and good hearing, ideally you should be downwind of the track so any smell of you blows away from your target.
And don't do it for one or two nights, you might need weeks to stake out a decent size area. And even then you may still be looking for something that isn't there.......

Now I didn't know until this week the Bigfoot live in the UK as well as the rest of the world.  I suppose theres no reason why it shouldn't live here, although I suspect it's breaking a load of health and safety laws (and by now most of the new anti-terror laws as well) so if it wasn't before it's now endangered.  Apparently theres been hundreds of sightings.  This is interesting because near where I live theres lots of nice thick woods, so when it's dry and I have time I'm going to check out the woods for signs of Bigfoot.   Yes I know it almost certainly doesn't exist... but lets see what my camera can catch, after all the camera never lies.......

Sunday, February 15, 2015

New light trails

Went out last night and took a few more light trails, I need to find a better bit of road with a lot less streetlights though.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Duotone image

Heres an image I duotoned in photoshop, I went for a blue sort of colour.

Locking Wheel nut update

The good news is the main dealers can get a sheared locking wheel nut off your car.  The bad news is it's not cheap (even though it took less that ten minutes) Even more interesting is the fact that many cars don't come from the manufacture with locking nuts (mine doesn't) the locking nut are added by the dealers.
If your buying a new car and don't live in a thief high risk area consider asking the dealer to put the factory fitted nuts back on, it might save you quite a few quid in the future, and a lot of hassle!

Arse backwards....

Why does a packet of biscuits need to be sealed in plastic that could withstand a direct hit from a 10mt nuclear bomb, yet a black rubbish bag falls apart if you drop a tissue in it?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Locking wheel nuts!!!

My car has locking wheel nuts.  Years ago the naughty people used to go out jack up a car and steal the wheels.  So now we have "thief resistant" wheels (note I used the word resistant, not proof) This is achieved by fitting some of the wheel nuts with a special nut that needs a key nut to remove it.
The problem is that there's only about a dozen different keys, and you can buy them all online. And far more importantly the nuts are not made out of steel, oh no!, they are made out of a steel case with a ceramic core.  This means A it's easy enough to steal the buggers, and B the nut itself if fairly fragile...  Yes you know where this is going.
I had to have some new tyres last week, after changing one, the tyre fitter sheared the locking nut on the other wheel, which meant I couldn't replace that tyre, or worse change the wheel if I get a puncture.  To be fair he did warn me it might break but I needed the tyre changed so had no choice. We did try a few tricks but the nut is bloody welded on.
I'm guessing that when the mechanics put the wheels back on after the MOT some 18 stone bruiser with muscles like Arnie tightned it up with a five foot bar.
Information for mechanics:  Wheel nuts should be tightened to around 100nm (103 nm for my car) with a torque wrench.  Not tighened by Guy the bloody gorrilla with a length of scaffold pole over the wheel brace for leaverage. And for what it's worth, most air guns will over tighten the nuts.

And in the news today....

Michigan based Randal Olson has been plotting how to find wally. (wheres wally) he plotted 68 pages in 7 books to come up with a kernal density estimation and the best way to find wally.  Heres a man with far too much time on his hands.  Mr Olsen you need to get a life, really you do!.

Your smart telly may be spying on you, it seems some tv's (and xboxes) record what your saying and may pass it on to a third party, so watch what you say in front of the telly.

Don't feed the birds in your garden. Eric Goleby from Norfolk has  been threatened with eviction after a complaint by a nieghbour, Eric and his disabled wife recieved a letter from Victory Housing trust telling him to stop feeding the birds.  Some victory for freedom!  Victory trust should be ashamed of themselves.

Kerry Dean from Glasgow was forced to undergo an internal medical exam in the food preperation area of a Thompsons flight from Tunisia because she was pregnant, she was then refused to be allowed to fly on that aircraft.  Frankly not only is it disgusting to treat a pregnant woman like this, but to examine her in the food preperation area?  That has to be breaking some hygiene laws.

Barclays bank have stopped some 270.000 customes from having a premier life account because they don't earn £75.000 a year, it seems Barclays only wants upmarket rich people as customers. Well not a problem, if you have an account simply close it a go elsewhere.  And next time the bank needs a bail-out maybe the rich should pay it instead of the country.  I closed my account with them years ago after no end of problems.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Forced laughter on TV.

Forced laughter on TV.
I was looking for something to watch on the 84 trillion TV channels we now have (which still all show rubbish repeats) and I stumbled over a chat show,  the host was laughing at the "celebrity's" funny stories.  the trouble was the hosts laugh was so forced it looked and sounded like he was taking the piss, and the celebrity's funny story was about a funny as diarrhea in cycling shorts, or developing a second head.
The thing is we see it all the time on telly, we just tune it out, but look closely next time and see how often the presenter or host forces a laugh at a diabolically unfunny comment or story by some other person on the show, you might be supprised just how often it happens.
Even worse in my humble opinion is canned laughter on comedy shows. I mean what are the producers really saying?  Is it the audience are too dumb to know whan it's funny and when to laugh?, or worse (and the usual reason) is the show is so unfunny in the first place theres no laughter from the studio audience even with the laugh cards held up, so in a desperate attempt to make us think it's funny they add the laughs. Why not just make the show funny in the first place.
Easily the worst I've seen is John Bishop, my God how bad has a stand up comic got to be to need canned laughter.  He proves that not every Liverpudlian can be funny, indeed I've had more laughs getting blown up than I had watching his show (and I mean that).

Why is everything so insanely complicated these days.... ?

Why is everything so insanely complicated these days?  Seriously, everything made to improve our lives and make them easier just make it all a billion times harder!

Take computers, just to install one small program, which should be a piece of cake, means I have to get administrative privileges (It's my computer with one account why wouldn't that user be the administrator?) then before I can install that teeny-weenie little program the computer decides it needs about six other programs installed first before it can take the one I actually want.  Why for Gods sake? The same small program works fine on an old antiquated computer without all the other crap.  How is this making life easier or better?
Cars.  On the weekend I was using a new "key-less" car. Well when I say key-less it has a flat square box thing that goes in a slot on the dashboard, then you push a button to start it.  So much easier than putting in a key and turning it! (large hint of sarcasm!)
The problem with this ridiculous system is A. the key-less key is about four times the size of a normal key (and needs a battery) and B. You just try turning the bastard off!!!
Well I spent bloody ages trying to work out how to turn off the ignition, in the old terrible world of hard work we had before, you turned the bloody key the other way and took it out. Job done. Fucking hard work that! (yes more sarcasm)
Now in the improved world of we'll make your life easier for you, what you have to do is....  With the engine running you press the start button (makes so much sense!) then take out the key card thing, then press the start button twice more (making even less sense), now get out of the car and lock the door, then the ignition goes off.   Well doesn't that make things so much easier than turning the fucking key off and taking it out.  What planet do these people live on!
If there is a God please let me have five minutes alone with the person who came up with this brilliant idea, only five minutes... and a baseball bat!   No, don't worry I'll bring my own bat!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A few black and white and some sunsets.

Here's a few from today.
(yes I know the horizon is crooked in one shot.  I uploaded the wrong pic, but they are buggers to change on the blog so I've left it.)

An interesting thought (from David Osborne)

Barrister David Osborne has raised an interesting point by saying consent is consent even if the person is drunk. He is saying a person who gets themselves blind drunk gives consent and regrets it in the morning hasn't been raped.  Judges say that if a person is unfit to make a judgment about giving consent it's classed as rape.
The interesting bit is the fact that being drunk and unfit to make an informed decision isn't applied anywhere else in law.
If your caught pissing in the middle of the high street wearing a traffic cone hat, try telling the Bobbie who arrests your that your steaming after 29 pints of Carling and it seemed like a good idea at the time, and see how far that gets you.
Because that's basically what those women are doing.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Police resources, don't make me laugh!

For years the various police across the country have been complaining about being short of manpower and money to police properly, give us the resources to tackle crime they say over and over again.
Well here's one use of money and resources that makes little sense in view of what they are saying  It involves lots of large HGV lorries each with two police officers, one armed with a video camera, each lorry is backed up by two police motorbikes and a police car.  Their target, ISIS terrorists?,  armed robbers?, drug smugglers?,   No they are after motorists who are using their mobile phones or not wearing seat belt.  No really thats what they are after. 
I mean come on, five police officers, a lorry, two bikes and a police car to catch someone for using their phone while driving?  Have they totally lost their senses?   How in Gods name can this be a reasonable cost effective use of both manpower or resources.
My suggestion, why not give each lorry two helicopters and an eight man SAS squad as well as the cars and motorbikes just in case the motor-terrorist gets a bit hacked off at being stopped by half the police in his county for using his phone while driving.
So next time an old lady is stabbed, or your house broken into and it takes plod three days to come out, don't be too supprised, they are all after that dangerious terrorist the motorist!  As usual.......

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Some black and white photos

For a change I thought I'd set my camera to black and white and add a red filter, then go and shoot some pics.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Urban survival kit.

Now an urban survival kit isn't the same sort of thing as a normal survival kit, it's not intended to keep you alive in the wilds of the Welsh coast... It's more designed to make life easier (and maybe safer) in the wilds of London.
1.  Bottle of water.  Handy if your stranded and it's hot.
2.  Multi-tool. For all those little jobs that turn up.
3.  Electricians neon screwdriver.  The one that lights up to tell if the power is on, handy for changing a plug etc.
4.  A few plug fuses.
5.  Insulating tape or duck tape, for repairing pretty much anything.
6.  Chemical light sticks.  The ones you bend to make them light.  Get ones that will give a good light for several hours. Handy if your stuck in a power cut or the tube breaks down (it does happen)
7.  Dust mask. Get one thats designed for fine dust, this is if for either building collapsing dust or possible chemical attack
8.  Safety goggles (see above)
8.  A small first aid kit, just a few plasters, anti-septic wipes and a small dressing and surgical gloves (non-latex).
10. Shoelace, a spare for your shoes or boots.
11. Spare battery for your mobile phone, these are cheap off places like Amazon and Ebay. You could be stranded and need to keep in touch.
12. Cash, keep some real money in case the power goes down, a credit card is great but if the power goes out or the the card system dies your screwed without cash.
Finally... A waterproof poncho, one of those thin cheap ones you get at concerts/events to keep you dry if you get caught out in the rain

Now this stuff will pretty much vanish if you have a backpack or laptop bag, and it will almost certainly come in handy at some pont... even if it's just for changing a fuse!

What is wrong with some people?

Beth Garvey 17 and Alex Groth 18 were refused entry to the British Natural History Museum in London.... Because they were dressed in onsies!  A Pokemon and a Dinosaur to be exact, they were allowed in after taking off the onesies, although they did face a security search, the museum staff said they had had trouble with people in fancy dress before.  Personally I say well done Natural History Museum!  I'm buggered if I'd have let them in at all.  Bloody onesies! Silly bastards more like.

Then we have three French holiday makers who were deported from Cambodia (and banned from re-entering for four years) for taking nude selfies at the Angkor buddest temple, a monument.  I wonder why they got deported?  Frankly I think they were lucky not to get jailed, silly sods.

And then we have... well where do I start?  A sick Twatter... errr sorry Twitter troll from Leeds has posted pictures of a toddler battling life threatening cancer and added funny captions. The pictures were taken from the childs parents social media site.    I doubt poor Riley Hoult 23 months old finds cancer funny though, nor do his family, friends, or indeed most normal people.
Personally I hope someone finds the moron troll responsible and shows him or her the error of their ways. Now I'm not for one minute suggesting violence......  Lets just say I'd like five minutes alone with the troll... and they wouldn't enjoy the time as much as I would thats for sure.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Coming soon urban survival kit

Survival kit putting it all together and whats in the tin.

Well here we go.

1.  The survival tin (old tobacco tin.
2.  One sided razor blades (or craft knife blades)
3.  Birthday cake candles (the ones that re-light) handy for fire starting)
4.  Compass
5.  Whistle
6.  Wire saw
7.  Pencil and paper (the paper also wraps the wire saw)
8.  Lifeboat matches (or ordinary non-safety matches if you can't get the lifeboat ones)
9.  Small fishing kit (you can leave this out if you like, I just happened to have this from an old issue kit so it goes in)
19.  (should be 10)  sterile needles (again ordinary needles are fine)
11.  Condom, as a water carrier
12.  Water purification tablets (you can get these at camping stores, they are not expensive)
13.  Flint and steel fire striker (these can be bought cheaply on ebay etc) this one has a part hacksaw blade as a striker so you can cut with it as well.

Not shown here are a few antiseptic wipes and a couple of small plasters.  Tape up the tin with a few turns of insulating tape (leave a tab so you can open it with cold wet hands) and ideally pop it in a ziplock bag, more waterproofing and a water bag if you need it. Job done!

Add in a small penkinfe, a small torch and battery and a cheap lighter in your pocket and maybe a space-blanket or bivi-bag in another pocket and that just might come in handy one day.

Survival kit part 5 light

Now survival kits tend to be pretty small and torches tend to be pretty big, so we have a slight conflict here.

As some of the streets and paths where I live are not lit, I pretty much always carry a torch, Ok if I'm popping down the shops at noon I probably wouldn't bother to take a big torch, but a little torch lives in my pocket more or less all the time.
 My torch of choice these days is a Cree T6 (I've reviewed it here before) for a pretty small torch it packs a lot of light, a zoom head that will throw a square beam (don't ask) 50+ meters and all the light you could want to find your around at night.  It does have a drawback for a survival torch in that battery life on full power is around an hour or so, and it uses a 18650 battery so you can't buy them in normal shops.
 Perhaps a better option for a survival torch is the Cree Q5, this is smaller and gives a lot less light, still plenty to find your way around at night though.  Battery life is a few hours, and the big bonus is it runs off a normal AA battery, cheap and easy to get and carry a spare. Ok it doesn't have different modes or a zoom head, but if you just want to find your way down off a pitch black hillside it'll do the job (really I've done it).
 By the way if you are still using the old fashioned type torches, you really should check out some of the new LED type, you'll be amazed at how bright some of these things are compared to the old torches, even good ones like the old Maglites.
 A keyring torch is a good idea too, chances are you'll have it with you all the time, Ok battery life is crap and you'll struggle to find your way about with it, but it'll give you some light to see what your doing.
 A candle can be handy too, at one time I had one in my kit.  you could use it for light, or helping start a fire some people suggest you can eat them, that's maybe Ok if you have a tallow candle but not recommended with normal candles. If you do carry a candle wind some fine wire around it, it might come in handy for something later and takes up no space that way.