Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rubbish week!

Well what a rotten week! It's been one thing after another going wrong. My moble phone has been playing up for ages (I'm doomed with the bloody things)

A friend gave me her old one a few months back, but it was on a different network so I had to have it "chipped" to work (you can't just unlock it, that would be too simple!) That lasted a fair while then it point blank refused to see my sim card, I asked it nicely, I pleaded with it, I even threatened it to no avail. Next I scrounged a newish one, that didn't last the day before the contacts to the sim card fell off (while I was putting the card in....) I reverted to my even older one for a day or so before realising I'd only stopped using it because I didn't recieve any calls on it. Then there was the one that I couldn't hear the person speaking, that didn't last long either..... All in all I'd be better off with two cans and a long piece of string!

On top of that this weekend a large chunk of one of my back teeth "vanished" while I was eating a sweet, leaving me with mild toothache untill today when I could see my dentist for a rebuild job. Around the same time my watch also stopped (no I didn't eat it as well !!) I'm hoping it's just the battery but who knows.

On to todays image, after a few hours sitting in the dentist reading eighteen year old national geographic magizines (where do they get them from, they weren't there last time I went?) I though a wander with a camera was in order, I didn't go far, it was very cold and I didn't want to get the cold air in my repaired tooth till it set properly.

a B+W from a colour shot on a Canon converted in photoshop CS4. Wayne

Monday, November 17, 2008

Photoshop CS4 is out now, my first impressions are mixed, I don't like the changed (yet again) interface, it's similar to CS3 but different. I don't like the fact they have removed picture package, the extract filter and pattern maker (why what was the point?) I don't like the fact they seem to be leaning heavily towards 3D, we don't all work for Pixar animation.
I really do like the content aware scaling, (sort of intelligent free transform) this has a lot of potential for photographers. I do like ACR 5.1 (the camera raw plug-in) this has local ajustment brushes and gradients like Lightroom 2.0, I don't like the fact the ACR still has noise reduction added even when the sliders are at zero (why have a zero then if your still reducing noise by default?)
I really don't like the price, especially the fact that here in the UK if your buying the full CS4 suite it's cheaper to fly to New York stay in a hotel and fly back with it and still save around £600! What a RIP OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I have been busy again! and an interesting week or so.

Last week one of my wiper blades decided to part company with me, it was duly replaced, this week the other obviously feeling left out in the attention stakes decided to follow it brother to wherever knackered wiper blades go to die. I mention this because when I went to replace this one I discovered to my supprise theres two different size blades on my car.

For reasons unknowen Renault fit a longer blade on the drivers side. Luckly for me the lady in the shop knew this and was able to point me away from an 18 inch to the 20 inch blade I needed.

Today was another spending day, my bathroom sink U bend started leaking...... well not exactly started on it's own it had help from me. The u bend been getting blocked up so wally here decides to remove it and fix it, trouble is I forgot the golden rule of plumbing! (yes get a real plumber) anyway to cut a long wet story short always replace the rubber seals when you remove a pipe.

On to the image. a recent B+W of mumbles. Wayne

Sunday, November 2, 2008

With the rant off my chest it's time for a photo.

On Friday night I went to a Salsa dancing fancy dress party, sadly nobody told me it was fancy dress! still I wasn't too obviously the only wally in civvies (I was really lol) still the people were great, very friendly, and even better a large number of very attractive ladies.

The dancing was excellent, and to be honest it doesn't look that hard to learn the basics, although I'm no Fred Astaire even I was tempted (only tempted mind you I didn't actually go and make a complete fool of myself by trying) The food was great as well, all in all a good fun.

Heres a shot of the lead dancer, and a very pleasent young lady. Wayne
I bought new mouthwash a few days ago and guess what this one has a child proof top (read adult proof!) Now I can understand why some things need these tops for safety, but this is mouthwash, it's supposed to go in your mouth! how dangerous can it be??
I'm a big guy, 14st and a little short of 6 foot, if I can't open these things hows a little old lady with arthritis for goodness sake! Besides which I'm pretty sure a 6 year old would open the damm thing in seconds. Wayne