Monday, March 28, 2011

Went for a walk

I went for a walk today, it was peaceful on the mountain, when coming home I had to wait to cross the road by the roundabout, it never ceases to amaze me just how many people in Baglan seem unable to drive around a roundabout the right way.
We drive on the left here in the UK and we drive around a roundabout clockwise, at least the rest of the country do, here in Baglan (twinned with moronville) people drive around them on both sides because they are too dum or lazy to go around them properly.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jamies dream school revisited

Jamie Oliver's dream school was on again this evening, so I watched it for a laugh, what did I learn from it? Well....

A. it's well nigh impossible to teach morons who don't want to learn.

B. a fair proportion of these youngsters probably shouldn't be allowed to breed, the gene pools diluted enough in some of them now, their offspring should two ever get together would be dumber than Homo Habilis, at least he managed to use tools, some of these children are so dumb I'm surprised they can breath.

C. maybe dream school is the wrong name for it, nightmare school would be better.

Stop wasting money Jamie, drown the bloody lot and have done with it, trust me you'll be doing the world a service.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Yes it's true... hold the front page...Wayne has shaved off his beard!
I have been a beard wearer for more years than I care to remember, probably over 20 continuously, today at around 16.30 the momentous occasion occurred, I shaved it off totally, it was easier than I remember in fact.
The thing is I had to shave it off (Shhh don't tell everyone) you see I'm playing General Melchett in Blackadder goes fourth, and the army in ww1 didn't go for beards, just a HUGE moustache, and I mean huge!
So there it is Fungus face is no longer infected with face fungus.... well till it grows back anyway.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Feeling rough and the war

Well I'm not feeling to good today, I have a cough, runny nose and feel like death warmed up.... Yes I have a cold/flu type thing. Trouble is I don't get many, and I have a hectic week so I could really do without this, and because I don't get many I feel worse.

Now the war, it seems that while the UN doesn't like Libya bombing it's rebels it's ok for the UN to bomb Libya (and civilians) double standard again.
Wonder who is next...Iran or Syria both have oil so it could be either, curious how Israel can shell it's rebels without a word being said.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The parking lot movie (film review)

This short documentary style movie is quite fascinating to watch, to see the different characters and their interaction with the customers gives an incite into the world of a parking lot attendant.
I expected the movie to be rubbish, but was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it.
Waynes rating 8 out of 10 well worth a watch.

Battle for LA (film review)

Battle for LA is a sc-fi film where an alien invasion of earth takes place. The action takes place is LA where a squad of soldiers have to go up against an unknown enemy to rescue some civilians trapped by the aliens.
Some things we learned from watching this.
US marines have to shout at each other all the time.
Most of LA seems to be shrouded in think smoke (actually a possibility).
Aliens never win when they attack the Americans, ( maybe they need to shout at each other?).
A small squad of soldiers carries an unlimited amount of ammo.

Waynes rating, the shouting got on my nerves, as did the "gung-ho" soldiers, to be honest by the end I wanted the aliens to win.
5 out of 10

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jamie's dream school.

I watched this yesterday, nearly pissed myself laughing, the saddest part is Jamie Oliver takes it seriously.
To be honest I don't know why he doesn't stick to what he does well... cooking!
Ok I know it has to be drowned in olive oil, but a lot of the stuff he cooks actually looks and no doubt tastes good. Trouble is he's trying to get a sainthood or knighthood or whatever, unfortunately all he's really doing is driving children away from cooking.

Schools are now struggling to pay the dinner ladies due to the lack of children eating school dinners after his stupid dinner campaign, in my sons school none of one class now eat dinners in school. Trouble is the children who used to get free school dinners now go hungry rather than eat whats served up, not helped by the fact the school buys the cheapest rubbish they can get.

Now his latest (and daftest) idea is a super school to help troubled pupils, so what have we learned by watching it?? Well we learned that without discipline unruly pupils do as they please, that some of the famous people they have as teachers end up loosing it and shouting at the pupils, we learned that half the pupils they choose don't deserve to be educated and obviously couldn't care less.
But the biggest thing we learned is it's a total waste of time, you see as good as the original idea was (and I'm sure he means well) it's never going to work in the real world, where are all the schools going to get famous people to teach their troubled pupils, there isn't an endless supply, especially after all the others see how much hassle it is. And more importantly where do the schools get the money to pay these super stars with, it's ok for Jamie to call in a few favors but thats not going to work for long, these people will want to get paid in the real world.

Jamie, please, pretty please give up all the school nonsence and get back to cooking, some people are beginning to wonder why you like hanging around schools so much... lets face it it's not for the dinners.. not now anyway.

Libya no fly zone.

I see on the news today the the USA and UK governments are calling on the UN to impose a no fly zone on Libya.
Col Gaddafi's forces have been bombing rebel held areas and the US/UK want it stopped... Which is a bit odd considering.
A. The UN states that countries shouldn't interfere in the internal workings of another country.
B. How fond the US and UK are of bombing rebels in other peoples countries, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Vietnam, Yemen, Somaila, Pakistan, Yugoslavia, Sudan, etc etc.
Talk about double standard.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Whats wrong with people in Port talbot???

I was in Port Talbot today, whats wrong with some of the people there?, they drive like morons, they walk like I'm invisible and would walk into me if I did avoid them, half the idiots are walking around backwards for heavens sake. The words interbreading come to mind.

Margam and sunsets

Here are a couple of recent pics, all taken in the margam area, the one with 5 of me (yes your worst nightmare I know) was done using 4 seperate images and layer masks, the extra 5 version of me was done with the clone tool.

Police pay

It seems Mr Plod is going to suffer a pay cut, the BBC were saying that if they work a bank holiday they get double time and a day in lieu, unlike the rest of us who get a day in lieu usually.

The police get pretty good pay and conditions, ok they do have a tough job to do sometimes but a lot of what they do is easy really (hence being able to let PCSO's do it) After all manning a speed camera or nicking motorists isn't particulary difficult or dangerious, certainly not anything like as dodgy as being on foot patrol in Helmand province, yet they get more pay than a normal squaddie whos putting his life on the line every day on active service.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Prince Andrew

HRH Prince Andrew has made the news today for all the wrong reasons, it seems he managed to pay £3 million over the asking price for a house
Makes you wonder if somebody this bright is a good person to send around the world as a trade envoy, after all trade is all about business, and business need to make money, if the bloke representing them is dull enough to pay £3m too much for his own house God help the firms he's there to help.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Silver efex 2

Nik software have launched a new version of silver efex, now I have tried it, but so far I'm less than impressed, the differences between the 2 versions seem small (I can't find much new anyway) and the new version takes forever to load, much much slower than the old version.
Waynes rating 3 ot of 10 so far (only a brief trial)

Gower walk

Well as my back injury is finally improving enough to walk short distances I managed to get out the day before yesterday for a wander with the camera. I went to Pwll Du in the Gower, via Brandy cove, heres a few of the shots I took.