Friday, May 29, 2015

Rising sea levels

 In my earlier post I mentioned rising sea levels, or lack of.  Well it occurs to me a real rise in sea levels of about 35 foot would make my house a marina side apartment, and I like boats.  So if your off to the Arctic, or some glacier somewhere do me a favor.  Take a flame thrower, light a few fires, leave the hair drier running, lets get that water rising!

Good news or bad news (depends if you live in Hull or not)

  Dr Hugh Ellis (head of planning at the town and country planning association) has warned that Hull could disappear under water in less than a 100 years. He goes on to say he expects sea levels to rise by at least 60cm (about 20 inches)
 Now I have never been to Hull but I suspect it's taller that 2 foot high, I know for a fact that a storm surge can add 6 feet to a tide, yet that doesn't seem to drown Hull either, so how less than 2 foot is going to submerge it baffles me.
 Now if you live in Hull, don't start worrying just yet.  You see I've heard this load of old bollocks before.       Back in the 1970's it was confidently predicted the sea levels would have risen by 30 feet by the year 2000. Yet curiously the sea level near me is in the same place it was in 1953 (maybe the tide here is a late starter?) I don't need to predict that it hasn't risen 30 feet, I can bloody see it hasn't.  I can also confidently predict Hull wont be under water by the year 2100 (even with the unlightly rise of 2 foot of sea)  If it is I'll eat my hat, hows that for a deal.

Thursday, May 28, 2015


I'm hearing a rumour that the next FIFA committee meeting may be held in Guantanamo bay.

What next?

 Boffins have managed to make a biodegradable chip, the computer kind.  They say it's make from wood, and will lead to a biodegradable mobile phone.
 Now I'm sure it's very clever and techie, but theres a small flaw in their otherwise brilliant plan... The chip in a phone is about half the size of a postage stamp, while the rest of phone (now the size of a WW2 frigate) is made from plastic, glass, lithium and God knows what else.  It's no good having the chip biodegradable if the rest of the phone isn't.... And frankly I really can't see an IPhone 9 made of wood can you?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pillar or post ? (part 2)

Heres part two.

Pillar or post? (part 1)

A small collection of pillars.... Or posts.... Buggered if I know, or care.

A few from the other night.

 A few pics from the other night.

What happened to free speech.....

 I read today of an American football player getting into trouble for making light of the floods in the US during one of his twitter posts.
 I can remember not too long ago we could tell the Englishman, Irishman, and Scotsman jokes, now if I tell one I'm a racist, same if I use the N word, despite the fact most rap songs seem to use it with impunity.
 People making light of life's troubles got us through the blitz, we'd be fucked now!  Can you imagine it. Hitler would be sued for damages (to be honest I'm surprised someone hasn't already done this) Churchill would be in court for breaching the human rights act with rationing.
 And my God the health and safety people would be in ecstasy  "Oh you! You can't drop that bomb there mate"  Trenches would have to comply with building regulations and probably need footings. You couldn't have a blackout because A it's dangerous, and B you couldn't use the B word, it would have to be called a darkout or something.
 There would be Gucci gas mask bags, and for once onesies would be useful as siren suits.
 The sad part though is that wars were fought for free speech, so we could speak our minds. Now if someone even makes light of something like a flood they get a load of flak, yet it wasn't long ago the people getting flak were doing it for us all in Lancaster bombers (and others)  I wonder what they'd make of today's world?

Monday, May 25, 2015

Disney new movie only made $40 millionon it's opening weekend

 Disney are disappointed it's new movie Tomorrowland only took £40 million the first weekend, the movie which cost £190 million was expected to take at least $50 million.
 Oh dear it much be so disappointing  to make $10 million less over the weekend, I'd have been gutted myself.  Of couse some would say why the hell does it coast $190 million to make a 2 hour film?  Maybe if  movies had a good story and script they wouldn't have to rely on expensive special effects to get people to watch them, like they used to in the old day.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Big Game 2015 (film review)

 Big Game, starring Samuel L Jackson as President Moore, and Onni Tomilla as Oskari. (see pics)
 The film starts aboard air force one, then moves to the Finish woods. The plot is simple, the presidents plane is shot down, on the ground the president is found by a young Finish boy hunter, the rest of the story revolves around them being hunted by the bad guys.
 The action starts fairly early on, and the film is an interesting variation of the president in trouble films we've seen before. Theres enough action to keep it interesting, without being too over the top.
 Personally I suspect we'll see a lot more of young Onni Tomilla who is a fine actor.

Waynes rating 8/10  (a good action and adventure romp)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

First great western in trouble, perhaps unfairly...

 First great western railways are in trouble after an announcement on one of their trains held up by a suicide on the line. The person making the announcement said... We apologise for the delay because someone couldn't be bothered to live any more. She added, because of this there are lots of delays, some people missing connecting travel/flights for the bank holiday.
  I have to say to a certain extent I agree with what this lady said.
 Theres lots of ways of ending your life, it's the people left behind who suffer, the family, and friends, by stepping in front of a train your also messing up other peoples lives.  I wonder how many train suicides thinks of how the poor driver feels. For some it's the second or third time they've hit someone, they have to live with that image in their heads. Then theres the disruption to the network, and worse much worse is the police fire and ambulance who have to clean up the mess.
 Being hit by a train might be fairly quick but by God it's untidy. People literally burst apart, limbs can be scattered along a mile or so of track, occasionally some bits are never found.
 So when an announcer who is pissed off by being delayed yet again by some selfish person ending it all says the wrong thing, keep in mind what she's saying is quite true, and her days been messed up as well, and she knows how the driver feels. he's just told her..

Telephones... why don't people answer???

 A recent story in the paper concerned works emails and how firms should switch off their email servers over the weekend and evening to let staff relax.  The problem being most simply don't reply anyway, and that most of the emails staff send are private emails not work related.
 I have the same problem with telephones, there are several people who simply don't answer or reply to text messages. Now it's fair enough if your busy working or doing something, but even then it doesn't take days to reply to a text message, especially one asking if your alright.
 There's one person in particular who's terrible at answering the phone, there are times I seriously consider contacting a medium to try and get an answer, honestly I can get an answer from Elvis easier, and he's a bit  dead. I probably make at least 3 unanswered calls a day to this person (yes you know who you are!) sometimes more.
 Now I know people have other things to do as well as answer the phone, but one day one of these calls is going to be important, and then all of a sudden it's a big deal. And probably too late.
 So if I do ring you and your ring tone just happens to be from the film Kill Bill,

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Painted bluebells

The painted bit refers to the template used here, don't actually paint the bluebells, the country types get really annoyed if you do.... 

Cree 3 in one T6 head torch proper test

 I first reviewed this head torch in September last year. More recently it's had a proper test. As mentioned in the original review the torch uses 2 18650 batteries, and has 3 T6 led lights, the centre one being more of a spot (although not strictly a true spot) and the 2 side ones being more of a flood type light.
 The head torch was used to light the way through a woods in the dark. The 3 lights were used and frankly it was impressive. The torch easily lit up the path for a good way ahead (30-40 meters maybe?), and the spread of light lit up the sides of the path and any side paths really well. The overall lighting was excellent.
 It was used for about 45 minutes continuous running and at the end of that there was no dimming or anything to suggest the batteries might be low.  Indeed I've just recharged them and it didn't take long suggesting theres plenty of battery left (and I carry spares anyway)  Although the torch uses 2 batteries it will work just fine with 1, although obviously running time will be shorter.
 You could easily cycle or jog with this torch, it's plenty bright enough, and the spread means you won't miss anything at the sides either.
 At a little over a tenner this is great value for camping or hiking, or just working on the car in the dark, if you need a lot of light, this is the boy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lake collage

If you think this looks familar your right, it's the same lake "Nessie" was in..... Errr Loch Ness then-ish... well sort of, not exactly..... ish... Well miles from there if I'm honest, but then nessie was on holiday ok!

David Hockney calls them "joiners"