Saturday, May 23, 2015

Telephones... why don't people answer???

 A recent story in the paper concerned works emails and how firms should switch off their email servers over the weekend and evening to let staff relax.  The problem being most simply don't reply anyway, and that most of the emails staff send are private emails not work related.
 I have the same problem with telephones, there are several people who simply don't answer or reply to text messages. Now it's fair enough if your busy working or doing something, but even then it doesn't take days to reply to a text message, especially one asking if your alright.
 There's one person in particular who's terrible at answering the phone, there are times I seriously consider contacting a medium to try and get an answer, honestly I can get an answer from Elvis easier, and he's a bit  dead. I probably make at least 3 unanswered calls a day to this person (yes you know who you are!) sometimes more.
 Now I know people have other things to do as well as answer the phone, but one day one of these calls is going to be important, and then all of a sudden it's a big deal. And probably too late.
 So if I do ring you and your ring tone just happens to be from the film Kill Bill,

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