Thursday, May 14, 2015

Neath port talbot hospital shambles

 Twice in the last week or so I've had blood tests in Neath Port Talbot hospital, both times the shambles that passes for blood testing there has messed up the test. Twice my surgery has rung me to tell me I have to go back and get the test done again. 
 This involves a trip to the surgery, then the best part of a two hour wait at the hospital, where four people are doing blood test work.... Well I use the word work loosely, mostly when I go in theres three talking and one actually doing a blood test, which helps explain the two hour wait...
 Time to get the good old time and motion people in, and while your at it, tell them which colour tubes to use for the blood samples as well.... It seems they don't know at the moment if my tests are anything to go by.

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