Monday, May 18, 2015

Well done Metropolitan police, what next as asbo for a snail moving too slowly?

 The metropolitan police have done it again. This time they visited the home of a 9 year old boy who used a ruler as a pretend sword in his school playground during a game of knights v dragons.
 My God what a stupid waste of police resources!
 The police constantly moan about lack of officers and funding, yet look how they use what they have. If they are not hiring lorries to catch motorists using their mobile phones while driving, they are sending swat teams around to pensioners houses because of a posters ridiculing the local councilors, not racist or offensive, just ridiculing note.
 Maybe it's time the government told them to stop wasting time on nonsense and crimes from 40 years ago and concentrate on real crime now, it'll bring the crime figures down.
 Lets face it 2 cops telling off a 9 year old for carrying a ruler in the playground isn't exactly policing, if thats all they can do these days
 God help them if IS starts anything here. I mean theres 6 gunmen with AK47's and plod is going to walk over and say " excuse me sir's, do you have a ruler in your possession? it is classed as an offensive weapon now".

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