Tuesday, May 5, 2015

101 the new non emergency number for the police. FAIL

 A little while ago while out we found a child's bike near the beach, While trying to find a non emergency number for the police they turned up.  The cop who came gave me the new 101 number for non emergency calls.
 All well and good.... Except it doesn't work.  A few days ago I tried to use it to contact the police, first the number doesn't work from my mobile.  Then when I got home and tried again I got 4 options.

1 do I want to report a crime (this didn't apply to my call)
2 do I want to check on someone in custody (this didn't apply either)
3 as I phoning to report lost property.  (again this didn't apply) and what about found property?
4 would I like to hear the menu again.  (no)

Whats needed is not an automated 4 answer system (3 really) what it should have is an option to speak to someone for all other queeries.   I gave up to be honest.  Next time I'll bloody ring 999 and sod it.

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