Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Why are car insurance adverts so crap?

 Seriously though, they are all crap! 
 We have talking bulldogs, talking bollocks more like!    We have mental Meerkats, while cute has bugger all to do with an important thing like insurance.
 We have Gogogogogo Compare which not only racist towards the Welsh wasn't even bloody filmed there.   
 Theres Hastings insurance with a seagull, and most people think of seagulls as shitting on you.  
 Aviva with Paul Whitehouse dressed up as different people.
 Direct line has Harvy Keitel playing his character from pulp fiction (Winston Wolf) , and about as scary as a dead flower.
  What about an advert thats about car insurance and how good your service is when we have an accident? not about some stupid advertising agencies trying to be clever... And failing!

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