Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What happened to free speech.....

 I read today of an American football player getting into trouble for making light of the floods in the US during one of his twitter posts.
 I can remember not too long ago we could tell the Englishman, Irishman, and Scotsman jokes, now if I tell one I'm a racist, same if I use the N word, despite the fact most rap songs seem to use it with impunity.
 People making light of life's troubles got us through the blitz, we'd be fucked now!  Can you imagine it. Hitler would be sued for damages (to be honest I'm surprised someone hasn't already done this) Churchill would be in court for breaching the human rights act with rationing.
 And my God the health and safety people would be in ecstasy  "Oh you! You can't drop that bomb there mate"  Trenches would have to comply with building regulations and probably need footings. You couldn't have a blackout because A it's dangerous, and B you couldn't use the B word, it would have to be called a darkout or something.
 There would be Gucci gas mask bags, and for once onesies would be useful as siren suits.
 The sad part though is that wars were fought for free speech, so we could speak our minds. Now if someone even makes light of something like a flood they get a load of flak, yet it wasn't long ago the people getting flak were doing it for us all in Lancaster bombers (and others)  I wonder what they'd make of today's world?

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