Friday, May 29, 2015

Good news or bad news (depends if you live in Hull or not)

  Dr Hugh Ellis (head of planning at the town and country planning association) has warned that Hull could disappear under water in less than a 100 years. He goes on to say he expects sea levels to rise by at least 60cm (about 20 inches)
 Now I have never been to Hull but I suspect it's taller that 2 foot high, I know for a fact that a storm surge can add 6 feet to a tide, yet that doesn't seem to drown Hull either, so how less than 2 foot is going to submerge it baffles me.
 Now if you live in Hull, don't start worrying just yet.  You see I've heard this load of old bollocks before.       Back in the 1970's it was confidently predicted the sea levels would have risen by 30 feet by the year 2000. Yet curiously the sea level near me is in the same place it was in 1953 (maybe the tide here is a late starter?) I don't need to predict that it hasn't risen 30 feet, I can bloody see it hasn't.  I can also confidently predict Hull wont be under water by the year 2100 (even with the unlightly rise of 2 foot of sea)  If it is I'll eat my hat, hows that for a deal.

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