Friday, August 29, 2008

Another gap between posts sadly, but with the children still home from school (back next week, so Champagne and flags on standby! lol) and life still going on it's a fairly busy time, been buying new uniforms etc.

To cap it all my fridge/freezers packed in, I'm now keeping the milk in the freezer compartment (and it's not freezing) I have had to chuck all the frozen food for safety.

We went to Hetherington world of adventure on Wednesday, it's near Tenby in Wales UK, it's got all kinds of things to do, archery, go-carting, air pistol shooting, bowls, I high climbing tree walk, and PAINTBALLING!! yes I did have a go, it's my second time, and it's great fun.

It's a little pr icy through I have to say, especially when you have to buy more paint balls (and you will, trust me!) but jolly good fun all the same.

On to the photos, I went to the Dawn to Dusk event in Glyn Neath last weekend, the weather was rubbish (whats new) but still I had a bit of fun and a good laugh with a friend of a friend Dean. Wayne

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In spite of the grim weather we are having here in not so sunny Wales we went for a walk to the waterfalls at Glyn Neath, it was a bit damp and gloomy but with the tree cover we stayed "mostly dry" lol.

Of course I took a camera and a tripod (for the longer exposures) Heres a few shots from this afternoon.

Enjoy Wayne

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hi Everybody, hasn't the weather been grim here recently? (well it has in South Wales anyway!) hardly what I'd call summer, OK it's not cold, but any more rain and I'm going to start building a raft!
Something different again today, Nikon cameras, well the older ones anyway, are fairly sensitive to infra red light, indeed it's possible to convert most digital SLR cameras (you remove the AA and IR filters from the front of the sensor, but don't try this unless your an expert camera mechanic) In this case with an older model (D70) it's possible to use the existing sensor and an IR filter for fairly good IR pics.
Enjoy. Wayne

Monday, August 11, 2008

Been a busy week again (whats new!) I'm finding my way with the Nikon kit, it's got so many features my Canon didn't have it's a little heavy going, even the custom menus are a maze! I'm finding the dynamic range is better, especially in RAW format.

Onto todays images, a few more wedding shots, enjoy. Wayne

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yes I know it's been ages since the last update but the world keeps on turning, and I don't mean the rubbish Tv show of the same name! lol.
It's just life seems to get so much busier during the holidays, I know it's a poor excuse, would you pref ere the one about me being abducted by aliens..... Ok I'll skip it then.
So what been happening in my life, well lots of stuff some interesting some not, most sadly I can't post here (so you'll have to guess! he he!) What I can tell you though is photographically I have gone over to the "Dark side" yes I have switched my allegiance to (dare I say it ??) Nikon! Why you ask? well the reasons fairly simple, at the moment everybody I take photographes with all use Nikon, so it makes more sense to standardise gear, plus and I really hate to say this, at the moment Nikon are light years ahead of Canon in image quality, and quality control. And for low light shooting nothing comes close to Nikon at the moment.
Gets off soapbox lol.
On to the images, a few wedding shots, enjoy. Wayne