Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fireworks comp

Ok I could be bothered, the fireworks comp.

Fireworks display 2016

 Well it was the free fireworks display last night, I went (as it's free) and while it was nice enough, I have to say it was boring, too many the same fireworks, and all going off in almost exactly the same spot.  From a photography point it means you either have to comp a load together to get a half decent "skyfull" or you end up with a lot of pics.
I can't be bothered to blend a load of pics together so heres a few.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Calendar for 2017 ?

 I'm seriously thinking of publishing a photo calendar here in the blog for next year (2017)  Just before each month I'll upload the coming months page with a pic added, possible with a download link to a large size pic for you to print out. 
 This gives my followers a freebie and give me the incentive of getting a new pic every month for the calendar.

Air crash report, hard to believe

 I was reading an aircrash report today, I'm not going to give the type or location for reasons that will become apparent soon.
The cause of the crash was seperation of a wing, resulting in loss of control in the fatal accident.  When investigated the home built aircraft was found to have the wooden main spar (which is the wing support) holes drilled out of line, some holes were bigger than others and in one case the hole had been redrilled twice because the bolts wouldn't line up, this resulted in serious loss of strength in the wings.
 What I find hard to believe is anyone making an aircraft for themselves would risk "bodging" the main spar, the wing support, the critical part of the wing.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

X Factor update

Well by an amazing stroke of luck and totally by coincidence... Honey G goes through to next week.  Who would have guessed... Well Dermot knew it seems....
The sad part is an act with talent is going home while Honey G (and lets be fair to her) is totally shite!
Note to X factor.  Calling it diva and then letting the act RAP isn't actually diva, it's called taking the piss.  But then if you put through acts with all the talent of used bath water what do you expect. (sorry bath water)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

X Factor... Fix?

Saturday nights X Factor, with an unknown artist being sent home tomorrow and Dermot asks for Honey G grandma and grandpa pictures for next week?   Next week, he doesn't know if she'll be still there then... or does he???? 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Dual survival worse by the week...

 Well in this weeks dual survival our hosts decide to follow a game trail to find water, now keep in mind they know it's an elephant trail, and they know elephants are dangerous, and they are keeping a really good look out for elephants.
 Knowing this and the fact that elephants are noisy and not noted for ninja like stealth skills our hosts manage to get this close to an elephant in open bush before they see it.

 Bloody good job they were on the look-out for elephants... Any less observant and they'd have tripped over the fucking elephant.

Saturday, October 8, 2016


  I wonder sometimes if I've wandered into the Matrix or something.  Every day when I'm driving I'll see some idiot walk out into the road in front of a car without even looking.  Honestly how the death toll isn't higher baffles me.
 In the last few days I've had a dopy woman push a buggy out in front of a bus, she didn't even look!  I've had at least three people walk out in front of me when I'm driving down a main road, again none actually looked before walking out. 
 Seriously what the hell is wrong with these people?  They can't all be total retards, or is there something in the water.....

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A few pics of woods

Dual Survival, getting silly now. Too fake for me.

 I've watched Dual Survival since the beginning. The series started in I think 2010 and stared Cody Lundin as the primitive survivalist and Dave Canterbury as the ex military survivalist.
 The concept is simple, two survivilsts from different styles of survival are dropped off somewhere and using their skills surviive for a few days and find their way to help. Part of it is the clash of styles between Cody who is used to living off the land and Dave who is thinking in military terms of dealing with the situation.
 This was all fine and good, then it all started to go wrong.
 First off after about two years Dave Canterbury went, being replaced by Joseph Teti, then not long after Cody Lundin was replaced by Matt Graham.  Ok now we are back with two new presenters, Matt being the primitive survivalist, and Joseph being the ex military guy.
 This sort of worked, the guys were similar enough to the original two and the series carried on for another two years.
Then it all changed again, then we got Bill McConnel as the primitive survivalist, and Grady Powell as the ex military survivalist.  Grady was ok. one of the better presenters, not as gung-ho as some, but special forces guys tend to be quieter, they are thinking things out first. Bill on the other hand was... well frankly as mad as a box of frogs.  He's talk to the trees before cutting them down explaining that they needed the branch for something, while Grady looked on wondering how the hell he got saddled with this guy. Bill wasn't popular either, he lasted a few episodes and was replaced by Josh James (the kiwi bushman) as the  primitive survivalist.
 Now we were getting somewhere, Josh was a right character, and a bit funny with it, Grady was pretty good, the two seemed to be getting on.... Then....  Josh went and Bo McGlone arrived.. 
 He lasted I think two episodes and both he and Grady were replaced by Jeff Zausch and E J Snyder.  Now they were ok-ish but nowhere near as good as the original Cody andand Dave, or the Grady and Josh tem.
 Then the plot thickened.  I noticed things were getting fake, in one episode they find a crashed dune buggy, then with just a small screwdriver and I think one spanner they dismantle a fair bit of it.  Now anybody who has worked on an old car will tell you, you'll get bugger all off with just those tools, you need sockets and some nuts can need a lot of work, even heating up to shift.  And amazingly the battery was still charged.
 Then in another episode in the jungle then find a "wild pig" despite making enough noise to scare off bigfoot the "sneak up" on the pig (which hasn't moved) finally jumping on it and missing, the pig tries to get away and we see it's rear leg is tied to stop it running away.  Fake guys!!
Then in the last episode I've watched they ere stranded in the desert with just a parachute, then they produce a metal water bottle from somewhere (just what they needed)  By now I'm looking harder, I notice that even though they are out in 105f heat neither seem to be sweating much (courious) then they have to climb down a cliff, so using the parachute rigging lines they plait a rope.  Ok para cord is strong (550lbs) so three strands will hold you quite saftely (I've hung off a single strand)  except when they abseil thats not three strands of short para cord woven, theres no joins and it's way too thick, that looks like a proper rope guys.