Thursday, January 30, 2014

Canned laughter!

I watched a 'hit' US comedy show the other night, it had some of the worst canned laughter I've ever heard.  Canned laughter!  They are saying the program is so un-funny that you need to know when the lines were supposed to be funny in the first place, and my god the show was crap, not one proper laugh in it. 
Another thing, how come I keep seeing 'Brand new hit comedy show'  How the hell can a brand new show be a hit, no buggers seen it yet, and why is the humour in US comedy programs seemingly aimed at 10 year old's.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Don't look down

The documentary followed James Kingston an urban free climber, who for fun scales those really high cranes on building sites. He then travels to Russia to meet the world famous Mustang Wanted, another free climber.
Scary isn't the word, it's bloody terrifying!  The risks these urban climbers take is frightening, and if you watch the program it'll come as no surprise that at least 16 have died in Russia alone, more worrying is the fact they often hang over the sides of cranes and building by one hand, bad enough if they fall, but remember theres people on the ground below as well, so they could very easily kiil innocent bystanders as well.

Going to bed

The other night I was laying in bed and it got me thinking about how illogical going to bed actually is.
I mean think about it, not the actually going to sleep bit, our bodies need to sleep, but the going up to bed part, it just doesn't make much sense.  We spend all day wearing warm clothes in a nice warm room, then we take the warm clothes off and put thin cold ones on, then we go to a cooler room to go to sleep.  Madness! why not sleep in the warm room in the first place? I mean we have hot water bottles and electric blankets to try and get warm in the cold bedroom, as Spock would say  "illogical captain"

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Star Trek tv series

Now I grew up with the original Star Trek series so I suppose it's no surprise that it's my favorite, now with the series been shown again on satellite it's another chance to watch them.......  Except it's not really.  You see while they made 80 episodes I only ever see about the same 15 or so, constantly repeated over and over again.  I can only assume the station was to mean to but the full series and only bought selected 'popular' episodes.

Train pictures.

Bored out of my mind I went to a bridge over a railway line and took some pics, now I'm not a train spotter so I have no real idea of what sort of trains they are, only that one is a high speed train and the other a local commuter train.

Ian Brady

Mental health experts warn that Ian Brady (76) is a danger to the public.  What!   The Ian Brady who murdered five children in the nineteen sixties? still a danger you say, surely not? (large dollop of sarcasm)   Now tell us something we didn't know.

HSBC madness!

Over recent weeks HSBC bank has had a number of issues, customers couldn't use their cards etc, some reports suggested the bank may have been hacked, other reports claimed software issues.
But now the story gets even better, customers have to prove why they want THEIR money if it's a larger amount.....  Errr it's their bloody money, it doesn't matter what they want it for, it's not the banks job to stop it's own customers spending their own hard earned cash on what ever they like.
I suspect this will be a step too far for many of the loyal customers the bank has left.  Time to get your money out people is my advice!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Baby Bump

Heres a few baby bump pics I took the other day of a friend.

What the hell is wrong with some people.?

Today I watched an elderly lady walking down the middle of the road, now I do understand some older people can be confused, but then minutes later a young woman with a toddler and 2 dogs walked down another road near bye, now there was nothing obstructing the pavement (I looked) they just couldn't seem to grasp how bloody dangerous it is, worse how stupid teaching a young child it's fine to walk in the road.  Bloody madness!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Cyclists, their own worst enemy

Cyclists have been in the news a lot recently, the number killed in London alone is cause for concern, that said many are their own worst enemy.
Over the last week I've seen some pretty scary cyclists, some crazy, some just plain dumb, the thing they have in common is they seem to go out of their way to piss of other motorists.
Now don't get me wrong, I'm not anti cyclist, indeed for most of my adult life I've been a keen cyclist, even taking part in 100 mile races, sadly now older age and health issues make it difficult for me to ride.
Last week I saw one cyclist ride straight though a red light narrowly missing getting hit by a car going through on green.  Since then I've seen a group of cyclists happily riding the wrong way up a one way street, more riding two abreast in a narrow-ish county road totally blocking traffic, including a mountain rescue emergency vehicle on a way to a call.  Yet another cyclist riding along the road alongside the proper cycle path built at huge expense to make it safer for cyclists.
Yet cyclists always claim other motorists give them a hard time (as I know all too well) but if you ride like a prat, deliberately hold up other faster traffic and ignore the law (rules of the road) then they hardly lightly to endear yourself to them are they.
Cyclists please be sensible, the bad few are getting all cyclists a bad name and causing us all to get hassle, don't ignore the law it applies to cyclists too.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


A few more older shots.


A few shots from a while ago.

Death row inmate dies in agony

Dennis Mcguire 53 died an agonising death from lethal injection, his family lawyers now intend to sue the state of Ohio.  They claim it's breached his constitutional rights, no mention of the rights of the pregnant woman he raped and murdered in 1989 I notice.
I'm sorry but the whole point of the death penalty is to be a deterrent, a nice fluffy marshmallow death isn't actually much of a deterrent, a long slow lingering painful death on the other hand just might put people off.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

NHS chaos

Well done NHS, last week you told everyone to "stay away from A&E"  This week the message is "the earlier the better" to seek medical advice.  Make your bloody minds up morons!.   Oh I know you really want us to go to our doctors rather than casualty (which often hasn't actually got a doctor anyway) but the problem there is it can take weeks to get a doctors appointment (hardly the earlier the better then) and if your unlucky enough to be working and have to fit in an appointment with that it may be even longer.
You really are giving mixed messages, the answer is simple, open more casualty departments (all the ones you closed maybe?) and get GP's to open later and work longer hours, ideally 24 hours (mini casualties in a way) that would mean more people would have faster better access to a doctor when they need it, not two weeks later.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Bad weather

The last few weeks have been really bad weather here in the UK, theres been lots of rain and wind, indeed theres some localised flooding near my area, although I'm high enough not to be affected luckly.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Street Outlaws!

A couple of points guys, first off to be a real street outlaw you need to be.  A on a street, and B outside the law.
Racing on a closed road is neither of these.  The real street racers must laugh their socks off watching you guys playing at it, I mean come on, just setting up the flood lights takes a few hours, you simply couldn't do that on a proper street without the cops showing up to see.

How to be a street outlaw.
1.  Buy a black tee shirt.
2.  Shave your head and grow a goatee beard. (Vin Diesel look)
3.  Have a beer belly.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

80 year old murder police breakthrough!

Well our cash starved understaffed police have made another breakthrough, they have obtained DNA from a murder victim who was killed near Northampton in 1930.   Great!, a murder solved you say.   Errrr not quite, you see they caught the murderer at the time, what they are doing now is trying to identify the victim.

Why they are wasting money on an 84 year murder is frankly baffling, the victims family will be all dead by now and if they didn't miss him at the time, I think it's hardly lightly they'll be that bothered 84 later.

It's time we had a statute of limitation on old crimes, after 30 years or whatever they are binned, it's crazy wasting money on really old cases, even crazier when the crime was solved at the time.

The place I was a volunteer at got broken into a few years back, it took the police 4 days to come out to a burglary, maybe if they spent less time chasing old long dead crimes and a bit more investigating recent one the crime rate would go down not up.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rhossilli evening walk

Yesterday it was a lovely still fine evening so I managed to get an evening stroll at Rhossilli Gower (Wales UK)  it was a smashing evening, I could cheerfully have stayed there all night.
Heres some pics, there was an incident on the clifftop with someone injured but not seriously I'm glad to say.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Benefits street

What can you say, C4 plumbs new depths with Benefits street, the program which teaches viewers how to shoplift among other things is appalling. 
Taking advantage of the local people isn't new to C4, one only has to look at programs like the un-datable and other C4 programs where the poor subjects are made to look stupid and  exploited, but showing them actually trying to commit a crime is going to far.  Benefits street showed how to make a bag to fool the shops anti shoplifting devices and how to remove the security tags, it then went on to show one person actually trying the door of a tesco delivery van (if I was tescos I'd be pretty pissed off)  Thats more or less aiding and abeting, and certainly Ofcom should be putting a stop to this terrible excuse for a program

Army recruitment

The British army is having trouble recruiting new soldiers.  This news comes despite the army getting rid of some 20.000 existing soldiers, why recruit new soldiers when your sacking so many?  The answer is because the army wants part time "reserve" soldiers rather than have to pay full time soldiers (the cheap answer as usual)  But the problem is it's having a hard time recruiting reserve soldiers.

Theres a few reasons for this, one is that people who join the reserve do so mostly for extra money and a bit of fun soldiering...... but they mostly have full time jobs as well. And while the employers don't mind them being part time soldiers (missing some weekends and 2 weeks a year) they don't want them missing for 6 months at a time, this puts a huge strain on a small business.  Remember the clue is in the word reserve, they should only be used as a last resort, not used to replace normal soldiers to save money.

Oh if world war 3 started these reserve soldiers would be happy enough to fight for their country, but it's not quite the same thing sending them to other counrties for the oil and then putting them in jail when they actually kill an emeny who has just been shooting at them, lets face it thats not really a war, it's a sort of fucked up bad joke, and the army wonders why it's hard to recruit...........

Friday, January 10, 2014

Cree / Refrakta ( torch review )

I'm one of those people who like to "be prepared" so I always carry a torch of some sort, for Christmas I had the Refrakta 580 lumen's torch (Cree)  So here's a brief review.

The torch is 580 lumen's, a lot for a small pocket torch, it has 5 modes, low, medium, high, SOS and 8htz strobe, and has a rechargeable battery.

In use the torch is solidly built and feels comfortable in the hand, it lasts a good time on a battery over an hour on high power. 

The light output is frankly staggering, even low power is plenty bright enough for normal things including finding your way around in total darkness, as for high power... think car headlight and your close, seriously I'm pretty sure you could drive home with one of these taped to your car, ok you wouldn't be driving fast but you'll see ok.  It lights up about 50 yards (meters) clearly with a good spread of light.

If you can't think in lumens (and I can't) I figure 580 lemens looks about equivelient to an 8w torch (aprox), now that doesn't sound a lot but trust me it's got tons of light. 

Whether it's for finding something dropped behind the fridge, or finding your way down off a mountain in bad weather at night you'll be glad your got one of these in your pocket.

Waynes rating 9/10  (wish I'd had one years ago)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Stay away from A & E says NHS

Well the Muppet's at the NHS have come up with some great advice, "stay away from accident and emergency" they tell us.... Curiously most of us don't actually want an accident or emergency so the advice shows just how stupid these people are. 
The A & E departments are overstressed, yes well thats hardly a supprise when you closed half of the ones you had in the first place, maybe keeping ALL the A&E's open would have been a better idea than telling people not to have accidents, the clues in the freaking title ACCIDENT for God's sake, thats why people can't really avoid having them.
Two of my four local hospitals that used to have A&E have now closed them, thats doubled the workload on the two remaining ones, it should hardly supprise anyone with even basic maths that theres going to be a problem, indeed plenty of people told them this would happen, but then they had to save a few quid for all the stupid things they waste money on, like building a brand new hospital only to close most of a few months later.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Begging adverts

I saw a recent tv advert that went something like.... Ula has six children, the eldest has a two hours walk every day for water, and thats a contaminated spring.... Please give etc etc.
Sever point people, first off was having lots of children where theres bugger all water and food a good idea? Secondly your living in a bloody mud hut, why build it so far away from water in the first place (and where did you get the water for the mud)  It's called natural selection, the dumbest die out. 

But sadder, even if we wish to help these people (and frankly I don't) theres pretty well nothing we can do, your £3 (or whatever) isn't really going to help.  Why you ask?  Because the first 50.000 or so peoples £3 will just about pay the CEO's wages, then theres his company car, secretary, 10 million pound offices all the other paid staff, phone bill the cost of the adverts etc etc etc.  Millions and millions of our... well your money is just going on the overheads, bugger all actually reaches the starving thirsty people... Oh a bit dribbels through but you'd be supprised just what percentage many of these charities take out first.  And thats why I won't help most of them.  There are two I will donate to and only two.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy new year and beach pics

I went out for a short walk yesterday on my local beach and took these pics.