Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas is over for another year

Well I had a very nice Christmas this year, we all went to my Mum's for Christmas day, and as my brother wasn't involved in cooking the Turkey all went well. Perhaps I should explain, my brother doesn't have a great track record when it comes to Christmas dinners. Over the years he's had a gas cut (not his fault really) he's forgotten to thaw the Turkey out first, then there was the time he was out Christmas morning trying to buy his Turkey.... etc etc.

It will be 2009 soon, we are getting closer to the 2012 Olympics, I can't help wondering how it will all end, will it even be ready? Will we send the same old names and faces yet again, will Paula Radcliffe even make the start of the marathon this time never mind the finish (will she use the same excuse "I was just using this Olympics as a training run for the next one" LOL!) Come on guys lets face it, she's had her day now, time for someone fit to have a go. Even Eddie the Eagle did better, at least he finished his events even if he did come last, ok he wasn't the greatest skier in the world, but my goodness he had guts! Wayne

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas everyone

Well I got my twenty quid back from Orange (eventually) although it shouldn't have been as difficult as it was, considering it was their mistake in the first place. A big thank you to the guys in Phones for you in Swansea for getting it sorted in the end! (can't recommend them enough, they spent around 2 hours on the phone to orange getting things sorted out for me, well done guys)

I'm still feeling lousy, this flu bugs really nasty, it hits heck out of you, no wonder the hospitals are full of it's victims, I have been grim for over a week.

I'm going to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas holiday, and best wises for the New Year, have a good time and as they used to say on Hill street blues "Hey lets be careful out there" Good luck and God bless you all. Wayne

PS heres todays pic, and yes it's "the man in the red suit!"

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Orange rip off

I bought an Orange moble phone on friday and got ripped off for £20, as this could well happen to you as well take heed!
It works like this, if you buy a pay as you go Orange moble and want to keep your old number, what orange do is to add the top up you have to buy at the same time as the new handset (no option here) to the new number , not to your current number, they then delete the new number (and your top up) they will then tell you theres no trace of the money and that it's your fault for deleting the new number, although you have no control over this part. This seems to be a fairly common scam as far as I'm able to find out, my advise, don't use orange! Wayne

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas is coming

Well it's not far off now, another week and it's all be over, although I have hardly started.
I'm currently dying of flu, feeling really ill to be honest, (apparently the hospitals are full all over Wales from the suffers with complications), trouble is I haven't really started my Christmas shopping yet, and I can't see me being up and about for a few days yet, so it's going to be a bit hectic when I am feeling better.
News, Adobe has released Lightroom 2.2 update, just a few fixes and new camera support, they have also launched configurator which is a new product giving users the option of customising the user interface in Photoshop CS4, this looks interesting, but I'm not sure how much advantage it will be in the real world, time will tell.
As I'm feeling to unwell to mess about uploading images, I'll put in my wish list instead.
Nikon sb 800 flash
Nikon D3x camera
Canon 50D camera
Damm good flu cure! Till next time Wayne

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Busy week again

Well it's been another busy week for yours truly! The weather here in Wales has turned quite cold and chilly the last week so it's wrap up and stay warm.
On to the pics, yes it's the eagerly awaited next instalment of how not to do it!
In the first of our pictures, I'm not sure where to start, the groom has his eyes shut, the exposures wrong, and I'm really not sure about the pose, it sort of reminds me of the gorilla in Bristol zoo. In our second pic, our intrepid photographer has tried to capture the ambiance of the church (and failed) sadly flash wasn't the best lighting option here, neither was putting the camera on the floor, lets be honest tripods arn't that expensive . In our last image for today, we have a colour cast, but a bigger problem (pardon the pun) when shooting a "larger" lady shooting upwards from a low angle probably isn't the most flattering, still as a plus at least she doesn't look like a gorilla! More pics soon. Enjoy. Wayne

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Adobe photoshop CS4

Heres a brief look at the new interface of Photoshop CS4. Personally I'm not really totally convinced it's better than CS3, the new content aware scaling is good but I don't like the interface, and I really hate the changed shortcuts and the tabs windows.
The bad news is Adobes just laid off 600 people so maybe backing up your pics in adobes DNG format may not be very forward thinking, if Adobe go belly up nobody else is much bothered about supporting DNG so you could be stuck if you havent kept all your original RAW files as well, you did keep them didn't you?.... no honestly you did really............

Monday, December 1, 2008

It was only a winters day..........

It was only a winters day..... Don't panic! fortunately for you Blogger doesn't support my singing.

So whats been happening with me? well fairly busy as usual, I have been helping a mate out for the last couple of weeks (he's in the USA, lucky devil) so it meant a few late nights, and a few skids on Friday night, the roads were a bit dodgy, nothing serious, but you could feel it getting a bit light on the steering now and again off the beaten track.

Today I have a sick child to care for, my youngest Sam's home with a bad chest (nasty cough) luckily for me the eldest was home as well in the afternoon as he has exams, this meant I could escape with the camera for an hour to go up over the mountain by my house, hence the title of today's images, it was frosty and cold but sunny, great to get out, I seem to have been stuck in a lot lately.

COMING SOON. Waynes how not to take pictures a new installment!!!