Saturday, November 28, 2015

People make me wonder!

 Three times in the last few days I've seen people who are old enough to know better walk out in front of traffic without looking (crossing the road) And we're talking busy roads here, not quiet little streets.
 Worse, much much worse, was the man I watched running up the middle of a street in an estate, not a busy road I'll admit, but it is a bus route.  Not only was he jogging at night up the middle of the road, his young son aged about 6 was running alongside him on the pavement, that was fine.... Except the man was shouting at the child to come and run in the road with him.
 How monumentally stupid is that! Why would any caring parent teach his young son to run in the bloody road in the dark.  I can only assume the father is either a total moron, or he's got the child well insured and is trying to get him killed. Either way social services should find this idiot before he does get his child killed!
 Honestly people around here make me wonder if I've stumbled into some sort of barmy parallel universe where people are born without a brain.

Bone Tomahawk 2015 (film review)

 "Four men set out in the Wild West to rescue a group of captives from cannibalistic cave dwellers." IMDb

 Staring Kurt Russell and Patrick Wilson (among others) the film is set during the "wild west" days. 
 This is a western with a difference, while it has cowboys and Indians it's not the usual sort of Indians, this is a small tribe of sort of cannibal Indians.  The plot revolves around the small group of Indians capturing the wife of one of the townsfolk and the subsequent chase and attempted rescue (don't want to give too much away)
Now I'm not really a fan of westerns, but I found this surprisingly watchable, it's different enough not to be boring.

Waynes rating 7/10 worth a watch

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Apprentice (episode 8 spoiler)

 Well the numbers are coming down, last night (episode 8) David was fired, and to be honest I don't think it was his fault the team lost the task.
 David cost the loosing team £175 by not doing a good job of putting photos onto tee shirts, now I can't remember what David does for a living normally but I'm pretty sure putting pictures on tee shirts isn't part of, and to be fair he got 8/10 right. 
 Neither team did a good job, both were pretty hopeless at organising a childs party, something us parents have done loads of times.
 By this point in the Apprentice series I usually have one or two possible winners picked out, this series has me stumped, to be honest theres none I think has what it takes, theres certainly a few that are a dead loss and shouldn't have lasted this long still there.
 Time will tell.  Good luck with this lot Lord Sugar.

David who went home this week (week 8)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bath sheets and flannels.. What happened to them?

Bath sheets and flannels..  What happened to them?  Seriously though, I can remember the old big towels, now called bath sheets.  They were big enough to change behind on the beach, thick and warm, now they are as small as the old hand towel and so thin they are nearly "see through", it's pathetic, why can't we make anything properly any more.
 Face flannels, my God what happened to these?  
 Now I know I wash more than I did when I was a child, but I'm sure I was a lot dirtier then too, so why did the old flannels last years and the new ones about 3 months. Honestly they literally fall to bits in a few months, you'd swear I was washing in sulfuric acid or something, not shower gel or soap.

Monday, November 23, 2015

My great idea to put lots of armed police on the streets, at no cost...

 Yes one of my finest ideas, if I say so myself (and I just did)  You see we have lots of SAS trained armed police doing... well bugger all most of the time to be honest.
 Take all the highly trained and expensive armed police from the royalty and diplomatic protection squads and put them on the streets.
 It will work. Ok HRH would have to hire personal protection officers, but she's already got soldiers guarding the palace itself, and lets be honest she's not popping down the shops every five minutes, does she really need dozens of armed police hanging about in case she needs a mars bar or a tin of cat food.  No she bloody doesn't, we need them on the streets to keep US safe, my car isn't armoured to withstand 7.62 bullets, like hers is, shes safe enough.
The same with all those diplomatic protection officers who guard the embassies (most of who are our enemies anyway) and our cabinet ministers.  You see that's why our dopey politicians think we've got enough police, everywhere they go theres dozens guarding them, theres bugger all guarding us.
  In all seriousness I've not seen a proper policeman (or women) in weeks, yes I see PCSO's but they are not police, and I've never seen armed officers in my town, yes I know we have ARV's (armed response vehicles) in the general area, but armed cops walking about, no chance, yet every official building in London will have a couple, same with stations and airports.  Errr guys... theres people outside of London... and we vote too!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

It's that time of year again.

 Yes it's the time of year where all the shops think it's Christmas (3rd week of November) so they are all banging out that bloody awful Christmas music in the stupid assumption that we'll all suddenly spend £30 million on crimbo presents instead of buying the tin of cat food and loaf of bread we went in for.
 Why they do it baffles me, frankly it just pisses people off, it certainly doesn't make me think of spending more money.  It's just makes me want to leave the shop quicker before I hear "rocking around the Christmas tree" for the twenty seventh fucking time.
 I mean it wouldn't be quite so bad if they had different music, but you can go into almost any shop and they'll have the same bloody CD going.  Drives me barmy!

Alien Orbs..... or me playing with twirling lights...

 Yes ok, it's not really aliens, oh they are here, you only have to go to Tesco's in Port Talbot to see them.  They look like normal-ish people, but watch them or talk to them and you'll see how errrr... alien they are.
 Anyway back to the twirling lights.  Could be better but it was blowing a bloody gales and freezing when I did them, so we only did a few just to try out the idea and see how the exposure looked.
 The wet sand worked better than the dried out sand.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Absolutely Anything 2015 (film review) (spoiler alert)

"A group of eccentric aliens confer a human being with the power to do absolutely anything, as an experiment." IMDb

 The film Absolutely Anything staring Simon Pegg looks good at first sight, with a well known cast including, Kate Beckinsale, Robin Williams, Terry Gilliam, John Cleese, Joanna Lumley, Eric Idel, Eddy Izzard, Terry Jones, and Sanjeeve Bhaskar, it should be a non stop riot of laughs.  Sadly it's not.
 For a start the Monty Pyton fans only get to see Terry Jones, and thats briefly, the rest of Python are just the voices of the CGI aliens. Joanna Lumley is again more a cameo role, while Robin Williams is the voice of a dog.
 Secondly the plot is hardly original, think Bruce Almighty and you've seen it before. 
 You see what happens is aliens give teacher and looser Neil (Simon Pegg) the power to do anything simply by waving his hand and saying it. The plot revolves around him making mistakes with the power (like killing an entire class at his school), and trying to get the girl of his dreams.... Sounding familiar now?
 While the film isn't actually bad it's not great either, Pegg seems to be on a bit of a downward spiral since his great films like Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, now most of his roles are supporting in films like Star Trek, or Mission Impossible.  That said it's better than the pretty terrible A Fantastic fear of Everything, In my opinion his worst film.

Waynes Rating 5/10  Worth a watch if your a Pegg fan but don't expect to burst a kidney laughing.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Tremors 5 Bloodline

"The giant, man-eating Graboids are back and even deadlier than before, terrorizing the inhabitants of a South African wildlife reserve as they attack from below-and above." IMDb

 This the fifth outing of Tremors is definitely better than Tremors four.  
 Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) returns, Burt the only actor to have stared in all five movies and the tv series goes to South Africa after a possible sighting of Graboids and Ass balasters. Although the location has changed it's back to the original concept.... Well with a difference (can't give too much away) 
 Burt is more or less the same, but something doesn't feel right about this movie, some how it feels like they are not too bothered, Burt seems a bit watered down, tamer maybe?, anyway something just isn't quite right.  It's still a good romp, with enough gore to keep fans happy.

Waynes rating   7/10  Not to be missed if your a fan.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Doctor Who, now you've gone too far!!!!!!!!!!

 Every Doctor Who fan will tell you what TARDIS stands for (time and relative dimension in space) Now apparently under Capaldis dopey Doctor it means totally radically driving in space.  I'm sorry but thats it, it's gone too far and WAY too silly for me.

 A few small points BBC, One the Doctor didn't make up the name TARDIS, it was make up by Susan Foreman, the Doctors grand-daughter in the first ever episode of Doctor Who (the unearthly child) perhaps if anyone there watched your own programs and was a fan of the series they'd know that. Two it's always been time and relative dimension in space, since 1963, why change it now for something totllly shit? I suppose it's because a shit name works with a shit Doctor. And three, the Doctor isn't actually doing much "driving in space" is he, all the programs seem to be mostly based on earth.

 I've been a fan and watched the series since the first ever episode in 1963, but thats it for me, as they say in Dragons den, "I'm out".   So well done BBC, you've managed to balls up your second highest money making program as well as the first (top gear)  Now theres nothing at all worth watching on the Beeb.

Capaldi getting TARDIS wrong.

Susan Forman the Doctors grand-daughter explaining the original name TARDIS.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Neath Rugby club firework display.....

Yesterday we went to see Neath Rugby clubs firework display, I didn't take a camera because A it was raining, and B last time I went (some years back) it was bloody mental there, jam-packed with children running around everywhere.
 Well the good news is it's a lot quieter people wise now.  The bad news is it's a total bloody shambles.  To be honest I wasn't hopeful, I've had a lot to do with the rugby club over the years and I discovered a long time ago that proper planning wasn't really their thing.
To be fair the fireworks part was great, A really good display, the problem was the shambles before it
 I watched two men try to unlock one of the narrow stinking dirty turnstiles, they failed, maybe a third man... or chimpanzee would have helped?  Then once inside we were presented with Nation Hits live outside broadcast unit (a small shed with two vans full of speakers) and to be fair they were a royal pain in the arse. First they cranked the volume up to 13 so people could hardly talk, then they got into full blown "Panto" mode, getting children out of the crowd so they could win a box of chocolate, it was cringworthy!
 The presenter carried on like he was live in the Hyde park festival, and not with an audience of 30 (those actually listening to him) Then they dragged out the mingers.... Err I mean singers, well I use the term loosely, the first one a local girl wasn't too bad, but the two after her, both alleged contestants on the TV show the voice were bloody awful, (now we know why the show was canceled) as a result of this "look at me I'm a star" bullshit the fireworks were 45 bloody minutes late.  Not fair on all the children who had gone to see a firework display and who were all soaking wet by the time the fucking fireworks actually started.
 So next year if your thinking of going to Neath rugby clubs fireworks, don't!  Do yourself a favor and save a fiver in the process.  If you really have to go, turn up an hour late, with any luck you'll miss most of the crap so called entertainment before the bit you actually want to see.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Indiana Fry!

It does look like a scene from Indiana Jones.  So heres Indiana Fry!   (hums "daa daa daa daa, da da da" etc)  Movie rights from me please.....

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Twirling fire

 I've posted pics of this before, but we went out last night for a play and I got some cracking shots.
 I've mentioned before also that you need to take care with this stuff, do not do this on or near anything inflammable... So no petrol stations ok!  Seriously though this is potentially dangerous so be sensible where you do it.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


 Heres tonights firewors display, to be honest it was pretty crap, and about the shortest public display I every heard of, just 11 minutes.  Heres a comp of my best pics.

Canned food

 I was chiseling the top off a can this morning so I could have dinner and it occurred to me that ring pull cans have been around for a while now, so why are some companies still using the old fashioned "saw the bloody top off design" which not only takes longer but means you need a can opener (or chisel ) to open the can.
 Progress is slow when it comes to making life easier.

Doctor Who What went wrong?

 Well with the latest episode of Doctor Who over it's time to try and figure out whats gone wrong with it.  The last episode (the Zygon invasion) pulled in just 3.87 million viewers (a new low) to put that in perspective a 40 year old repeat of Dads Army got 1.83 million, and the bloody awful Strictly Come Dancing got a whopping 9.35 million, that's amateurs dancing on Halloween night when people are taking their kids to party's and trick-or-treating.    How bad has Doctor Who become to be beaten hands down by that!

 I'm sorry to say it's my firm belief that the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is at fault, he just can't carry the show, he hasn't got the range in my opinion, that and the fact the show was a shambles in the editing department as well.   What the hell happened, it jumped about all over the place, I got the feeling there were bits missing, one minute we're in a tunnel and next we're back in UNIT HQ (or wherever it's supposed to be) no clue as to how they got back. Then we have the Doctor hiding behind a woman soldier at the back of a church while the rest of the soldiers confront the enemy.  I can't think of any other Doctor who would have done that... Doctor Coward comes to mind.

 You can see why the viewing figure are dropping, unless the Beeb get shot of Capaldi and sort out some decent episodes the series is going to go down the pan...  Or is that the idea?

 And for Gods sake get rid of the silly curly hair, the guitar, and the bloody sunglasses, he just looks a twat!