Saturday, November 28, 2015

People make me wonder!

 Three times in the last few days I've seen people who are old enough to know better walk out in front of traffic without looking (crossing the road) And we're talking busy roads here, not quiet little streets.
 Worse, much much worse, was the man I watched running up the middle of a street in an estate, not a busy road I'll admit, but it is a bus route.  Not only was he jogging at night up the middle of the road, his young son aged about 6 was running alongside him on the pavement, that was fine.... Except the man was shouting at the child to come and run in the road with him.
 How monumentally stupid is that! Why would any caring parent teach his young son to run in the bloody road in the dark.  I can only assume the father is either a total moron, or he's got the child well insured and is trying to get him killed. Either way social services should find this idiot before he does get his child killed!
 Honestly people around here make me wonder if I've stumbled into some sort of barmy parallel universe where people are born without a brain.

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