Sunday, November 1, 2015

Doctor Who What went wrong?

 Well with the latest episode of Doctor Who over it's time to try and figure out whats gone wrong with it.  The last episode (the Zygon invasion) pulled in just 3.87 million viewers (a new low) to put that in perspective a 40 year old repeat of Dads Army got 1.83 million, and the bloody awful Strictly Come Dancing got a whopping 9.35 million, that's amateurs dancing on Halloween night when people are taking their kids to party's and trick-or-treating.    How bad has Doctor Who become to be beaten hands down by that!

 I'm sorry to say it's my firm belief that the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is at fault, he just can't carry the show, he hasn't got the range in my opinion, that and the fact the show was a shambles in the editing department as well.   What the hell happened, it jumped about all over the place, I got the feeling there were bits missing, one minute we're in a tunnel and next we're back in UNIT HQ (or wherever it's supposed to be) no clue as to how they got back. Then we have the Doctor hiding behind a woman soldier at the back of a church while the rest of the soldiers confront the enemy.  I can't think of any other Doctor who would have done that... Doctor Coward comes to mind.

 You can see why the viewing figure are dropping, unless the Beeb get shot of Capaldi and sort out some decent episodes the series is going to go down the pan...  Or is that the idea?

 And for Gods sake get rid of the silly curly hair, the guitar, and the bloody sunglasses, he just looks a twat!

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