Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Apprentice (episode 8 spoiler)

 Well the numbers are coming down, last night (episode 8) David was fired, and to be honest I don't think it was his fault the team lost the task.
 David cost the loosing team £175 by not doing a good job of putting photos onto tee shirts, now I can't remember what David does for a living normally but I'm pretty sure putting pictures on tee shirts isn't part of, and to be fair he got 8/10 right. 
 Neither team did a good job, both were pretty hopeless at organising a childs party, something us parents have done loads of times.
 By this point in the Apprentice series I usually have one or two possible winners picked out, this series has me stumped, to be honest theres none I think has what it takes, theres certainly a few that are a dead loss and shouldn't have lasted this long still there.
 Time will tell.  Good luck with this lot Lord Sugar.

David who went home this week (week 8)

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