Sunday, November 8, 2015

Doctor Who, now you've gone too far!!!!!!!!!!

 Every Doctor Who fan will tell you what TARDIS stands for (time and relative dimension in space) Now apparently under Capaldis dopey Doctor it means totally radically driving in space.  I'm sorry but thats it, it's gone too far and WAY too silly for me.

 A few small points BBC, One the Doctor didn't make up the name TARDIS, it was make up by Susan Foreman, the Doctors grand-daughter in the first ever episode of Doctor Who (the unearthly child) perhaps if anyone there watched your own programs and was a fan of the series they'd know that. Two it's always been time and relative dimension in space, since 1963, why change it now for something totllly shit? I suppose it's because a shit name works with a shit Doctor. And three, the Doctor isn't actually doing much "driving in space" is he, all the programs seem to be mostly based on earth.

 I've been a fan and watched the series since the first ever episode in 1963, but thats it for me, as they say in Dragons den, "I'm out".   So well done BBC, you've managed to balls up your second highest money making program as well as the first (top gear)  Now theres nothing at all worth watching on the Beeb.

Capaldi getting TARDIS wrong.

Susan Forman the Doctors grand-daughter explaining the original name TARDIS.

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