Monday, October 15, 2012

X Factor. Melanie Masson.

Well, I watched the sick joke that passes for the X Factor last night, what a total farce.  Easily the best singer on the show Melanie Masson was "voted" off in favor of the talent-less prat Rylan Clark.  
I'm sorry Rylan but you can't sing, you can't dance and your about as entertaining as athletes foot.  Why in heavens name anybody would vote for you on a show looking for future talent simply baffles me. And that's the bit that gets me worried... did millions of people actually really vote for this idiot?  
On the net I'm seeing various polls, in one 26.000 people took part, 95% said they think the show is fixed, curiously the polls all pretty much agree although the percentages do vary slightly.

 My friend, a lover of the show never doubted the honesty of the show until last week, but was concerned after seeing Louis Walsh bumble about, seemingly trying to avoid making any decision himself (that's what the judges are for) but this week even she laughed and said "fix" when Rylan beat a girl who can really sing.

The big problem is that the hopeless looses should never have got this far, that's the point of auditions.  People with real talent are loosing the chance because the people who run the show think it's better to have some controversial fools to try and get people watching and paying money voting.  That's what it's all about, they couldn't care less about the hopeful people who go on the show thinking they have a proper chance of winning, or the mugs who pay to vote, it's all about the money, that's why the show winners often vanish into obscurity, many had no talent in the first place.