Monday, November 23, 2015

My great idea to put lots of armed police on the streets, at no cost...

 Yes one of my finest ideas, if I say so myself (and I just did)  You see we have lots of SAS trained armed police doing... well bugger all most of the time to be honest.
 Take all the highly trained and expensive armed police from the royalty and diplomatic protection squads and put them on the streets.
 It will work. Ok HRH would have to hire personal protection officers, but she's already got soldiers guarding the palace itself, and lets be honest she's not popping down the shops every five minutes, does she really need dozens of armed police hanging about in case she needs a mars bar or a tin of cat food.  No she bloody doesn't, we need them on the streets to keep US safe, my car isn't armoured to withstand 7.62 bullets, like hers is, shes safe enough.
The same with all those diplomatic protection officers who guard the embassies (most of who are our enemies anyway) and our cabinet ministers.  You see that's why our dopey politicians think we've got enough police, everywhere they go theres dozens guarding them, theres bugger all guarding us.
  In all seriousness I've not seen a proper policeman (or women) in weeks, yes I see PCSO's but they are not police, and I've never seen armed officers in my town, yes I know we have ARV's (armed response vehicles) in the general area, but armed cops walking about, no chance, yet every official building in London will have a couple, same with stations and airports.  Errr guys... theres people outside of London... and we vote too!

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