Friday, November 6, 2015

Neath Rugby club firework display.....

Yesterday we went to see Neath Rugby clubs firework display, I didn't take a camera because A it was raining, and B last time I went (some years back) it was bloody mental there, jam-packed with children running around everywhere.
 Well the good news is it's a lot quieter people wise now.  The bad news is it's a total bloody shambles.  To be honest I wasn't hopeful, I've had a lot to do with the rugby club over the years and I discovered a long time ago that proper planning wasn't really their thing.
To be fair the fireworks part was great, A really good display, the problem was the shambles before it
 I watched two men try to unlock one of the narrow stinking dirty turnstiles, they failed, maybe a third man... or chimpanzee would have helped?  Then once inside we were presented with Nation Hits live outside broadcast unit (a small shed with two vans full of speakers) and to be fair they were a royal pain in the arse. First they cranked the volume up to 13 so people could hardly talk, then they got into full blown "Panto" mode, getting children out of the crowd so they could win a box of chocolate, it was cringworthy!
 The presenter carried on like he was live in the Hyde park festival, and not with an audience of 30 (those actually listening to him) Then they dragged out the mingers.... Err I mean singers, well I use the term loosely, the first one a local girl wasn't too bad, but the two after her, both alleged contestants on the TV show the voice were bloody awful, (now we know why the show was canceled) as a result of this "look at me I'm a star" bullshit the fireworks were 45 bloody minutes late.  Not fair on all the children who had gone to see a firework display and who were all soaking wet by the time the fucking fireworks actually started.
 So next year if your thinking of going to Neath rugby clubs fireworks, don't!  Do yourself a favor and save a fiver in the process.  If you really have to go, turn up an hour late, with any luck you'll miss most of the crap so called entertainment before the bit you actually want to see.

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