Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cree 3 in one T6 head torch proper test

 I first reviewed this head torch in September last year. More recently it's had a proper test. As mentioned in the original review the torch uses 2 18650 batteries, and has 3 T6 led lights, the centre one being more of a spot (although not strictly a true spot) and the 2 side ones being more of a flood type light.
 The head torch was used to light the way through a woods in the dark. The 3 lights were used and frankly it was impressive. The torch easily lit up the path for a good way ahead (30-40 meters maybe?), and the spread of light lit up the sides of the path and any side paths really well. The overall lighting was excellent.
 It was used for about 45 minutes continuous running and at the end of that there was no dimming or anything to suggest the batteries might be low.  Indeed I've just recharged them and it didn't take long suggesting theres plenty of battery left (and I carry spares anyway)  Although the torch uses 2 batteries it will work just fine with 1, although obviously running time will be shorter.
 You could easily cycle or jog with this torch, it's plenty bright enough, and the spread means you won't miss anything at the sides either.
 At a little over a tenner this is great value for camping or hiking, or just working on the car in the dark, if you need a lot of light, this is the boy.

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