Saturday, May 23, 2015

First great western in trouble, perhaps unfairly...

 First great western railways are in trouble after an announcement on one of their trains held up by a suicide on the line. The person making the announcement said... We apologise for the delay because someone couldn't be bothered to live any more. She added, because of this there are lots of delays, some people missing connecting travel/flights for the bank holiday.
  I have to say to a certain extent I agree with what this lady said.
 Theres lots of ways of ending your life, it's the people left behind who suffer, the family, and friends, by stepping in front of a train your also messing up other peoples lives.  I wonder how many train suicides thinks of how the poor driver feels. For some it's the second or third time they've hit someone, they have to live with that image in their heads. Then theres the disruption to the network, and worse much worse is the police fire and ambulance who have to clean up the mess.
 Being hit by a train might be fairly quick but by God it's untidy. People literally burst apart, limbs can be scattered along a mile or so of track, occasionally some bits are never found.
 So when an announcer who is pissed off by being delayed yet again by some selfish person ending it all says the wrong thing, keep in mind what she's saying is quite true, and her days been messed up as well, and she knows how the driver feels. he's just told her..

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