Saturday, February 4, 2017


 I'm all for recycling, I hate to see waste.  But the two problems I have with it are one, why is it so complicated.  Theres plastic you can recycle, plastics you can't, cardboard you can recycle, cardboard you can't etc etc...
 The second problem I have with it is why make it so hard to actually do.  Take milk cartons, some the labels just slip off, others the labels are glued on with something like superglue.
 Tins have the labels usually glued on, but because they are tight you have to use a knife or your nails to remove the label.
 But worse... Far worse are bottles and jars, most of the ones I buy have labels apparently put on to resist a direct hit by a 50 mt nuclear blast.  Why in Gods name does a jar of pasta sauce need a label put on in such a way as to stop you scrapping it off, soaking it off, or indeed even burning it off  (seriously I've tried)  How bloody hard can it be to make a label that we can get off easily..

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