Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Finding bigfoot season 9, are they any closer.....

 Well it's season 9 of "Not" Finding Bigfoot.  Are the team any closer to finding an actual bigfoot... Well lets put it this way, I'm marginally closer to finding a flock of geese in my sock draw, and I don't even have a sock draw.
 In 9 years about the closest this lot have go to finding a bigfoot is a few tree knocks, howls in the distance (probably coyote) and a few brief vague "hot spots" on a thermal imaging camera that frankly could be anything from a bigfoot to a passing duck.  The reason we don't know is because whenever they "see" anything, they just stand there and wait for it to come out of the woods and say hello.  Most serious investigators would go closer to the object to get a close up view.
 I've said before the way to see wild animals isn't to make a lot of noise, it's to sit very still and quiet and the wild life doesn't know your there to avoid.  lets face it even bears will usually avoid people if they make a lot of noise (something your told to do in bear country) and bears are a predator, the same we assume as a bigfoot would be.
 So the short answer are they any closer to finding bigfoot..... NO!

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