Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Strange logic ?

 I've just been down my local shop and seen two groups of junior school children (with teachers) walking down the road all in high-vis yellow jackets.
 Now if it was dusk on a grim grey winters day I wouldn't comment.  But it isn't!  It's a lovely sunny bright winters day at nearly lunch time.
 It's the logic that baffles me, or rather lack of it.  If it's bright and sunny drivers should be able to see ten children and two teachers anyway, without bright yellow jackets.  It's health and safety I hear you say, and yes it probably is.  But that still doesn't make it sensible. 
 You see if the children are at risk at lunch-o-clock on a bright sunny day, why aren't they still at risk at tea time when they go home and it's getting dark, or morning when they go to school, and it's just getting light.
 They walk the same pavements, but instead of being with trained teachers they are possibly with a hung-over dozy retarded parent, so much safer then! So why don't they have to wear the high-vis to and from school for safety?

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