Monday, January 11, 2016

Euromillions lottery... is it worth it?

 Well having sat down and done some maths the answer is no, your roughly ten times more lightly to get struck by lightning than win, your about 8000 times more lightly to drown in your bath than win, and if your aged under 25 you need to buy your ticket 15 minutes before it closes to have a better chance of winning that dying in the 15 minutes before the draw.
 You have a slightly better chance of randomly dialing someone in Germany (assuming everyone in the country had a phone) and getting the exact person you wanted to call first time.
 So save your money.

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Crofton Jace said...

I agree with you. Another funny stuff based on Powerball results USA. One stands a better chance to be born a millionaire in the States than to win Powerball lottery.