Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Killing Bigfoot.... I give up!

 Well I made myself watch the first three episodes of "Killing Bigfoot" and... Well where the fuck do I start!
 The show is so obviously staged and fake my IQ went down 20 points just watching the fucking thing.  The only way any of these muppet's will kill a Bigfoot is if they accidentally run it over on the way home.
 New members leaving their posts and wandering around in a woods full of alleged hunters, seriously?  How monumentally stupid would a person have to be to do that knowing they are all supposedly out to shoot a human like creature.
 One of these imbeciles even supposedly gets himself "treed" by one after his gun jams, so a highly experienced hunter after a claimed big game animal and no back-up pistol and a poorly maintained firearm.
 The hunters are shown sitting in the woods, obviously lit with lights and filmed by a camera crew, yeah, thats going to make it hard for Bigfoot to spot them then.
 Fake staged bullshit!!!!

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