Sunday, March 26, 2017

UK terror advice

 In the wake of the recent UK terror attack I though I'd give a bit of advice for those who might be caught up in an attack.

1. Be aware of whats happening around you, look for people acting strangely (not easy in some place I'll admit) People will sometimes be dressed wrongly, bulky clothing to cover a bomb vest or weapon in summer, looking nervous or worried, wide eyed, that sort of thing.

2. In the event of a bombing in the area be aware of secondary devices, it's quite common to place a bomb in one place then a second bomb where they think people will collect after running away from the first explosion.  Stay away from large windows or big areas of glass, most injuries not caused by the bomb itself are caused by flying glass. Often worse than the explosion.

3. Work on the "plus one" rule thats used by the security services. If theres one bomb expect a second, one shooter, theres probably a second somewhere, often widely spaced out, don't just focus on the one person, check around for more threats.

4. Active shooter situations.  Try and get out of the way of fire, even if it's just out of sight of the shooter (remember the plus one rule) if your near shops consider going through the shop and out the fire exit or a secure area of the shop.  If the shooter is firing full auto they will get about six or eight short bursts, and firing continuously about 4 seconds (AK47 30 round mag) before they'll need to change magazines, then theres a few seconds window to move or attack.

5. Cover, theres a lot of bullshit on TV about cover from fire, our hero can be seen hiding behind rubbish bins (garbage cans) and car doors. The fact is an AK round will happily go right through a car door, in one side out the other through you and probably through the other door on the other side of the car.  The only part of a car that will offer a good chance of cover in the engine block and possibly the wheels. 
Almost all internal walls offer no cover from fire and even brick walls are not safe from rifle fire.  Thick concrete is pretty good as are thick stone walls (old Church etc) sandbags is pretty good and water is excelent, about 6 foot of water will stop pretty much any rifle or even heavy machine gun fire

6. Moving.  if you have a shooter with a pistol more than thirty foot away theres a better than even chance they wont hit a fast moving target, don't run in a straight line, try and weave or get things between you and the shooter, pistol bullets don't have the same power as a rifle so they are easier to stop, although most will still go through a car.

 Tomorrow I'll cover some handy items to carry and a bit about first aid.

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