Wednesday, May 10, 2017

DVLA Swansea

 Back in December 2016 I got a new car. My old Mazda was "sorned" put off road and sold. The V5 was sent off at the time.
 In the month following I received two speeding tickets for it, each time I wrote off giving the new owner details, I also phoned and wrote to the DVLA recorded delivery.
 Several weeks ago I received a letter from the DVLA telling my tax had expired, and my direct debit had failed, now as you can't sell a car with tax anymore I'd canceled the tax from December, the new owner must have taxed it and payed for it from his account, I sent another letter followed by another phone call, reminding them I'd sold the bloody car in December.
 Last week I get another letter telling me to pay £160 within seven day or they'll take me to court for not having the vehicle taxed or sorned (off road notice) I wrote them another recorded letter pointing out I had sorned the vehicle in December, then it was sold and someone else had owned it from the 15th December last year.
This week I finally get a letting informing me they've updated their records and I'm no longer the owner.
Well Done DVLA, six months, three letters, the V5 and two phone calls....  No wonder you are called the nincomputer.....

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