Friday, June 17, 2016

Wild Bill Hickock: Swift Justice 2016 (film review)

 Starring Lee Majors and Jeff farley
 Well theres been low budget cowboy films before, a Fist full of Dollars etc... this is a low budget cowboy film, a fist full of dollars it isn't, more like nine and a half pence movie.
The sets looks cheap and home made, the budget didn't run to real guns so we have the fake muzzle flash (as usual these days) *   While thats a bit naff, far far worse is the sound effect for the guns.  It seems the budget only had enough to buy one gunfire sound, so every shot in the movie regardless of where or what gun it's fired from all sound exactly the same, outdoor one sound, indoors the same sound, rifle same sound.  You get the idea.
 Another problem I thought we'd left behind years ago was the dreaded "Hollywood" six shooters.. four people with one gun each can't fire thirty one rapid fire shots (it was actually more than that but I allowed a bit for the chance of a quick reload)

Waynes Rating 2/10  Bloody worst western I've seen in  decades, save your money.

*  Coming back to the fake guns fake muzzle flash just for a second.  I find it strange that a country where every 9 year old child carries an assault rifle and a glock 17 has a problem getting real blank firing gun for it's bloody movies. Come on for goodness sake, just pop into the house across the street from the studio and borrow something from the owners personal armoury.

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