Sunday, June 12, 2016

Neath Steam and vintage show 2016

 Well I didn't actually have much hopes for this show held on a farm, but I was actually supprised. The show was one of the best organised I've ever been to.
 The first clue was proper signs on the main road, not tatty bits of cardboard with crayon lettering, metal signs!  Next was marshals in the car park, lots of them, and they'd lined the grass to get the cars organised properly in rows.  The path into the show had metal fencing to keep the people seperate from vehicles, all done properly.
 The show itself had lots of marshalls and toilets, the toilets were dotted about the area not "clumped" in one place, this meant you didn't have to walk miles to a loo (bloody good idea) and the main event field (fenced) had plastic covered straw bails for free seating (again bloody good idea) and seemed to have stuff going on pretty much all the time, no huge gaps while people tried to figure out what to do next.  All in all a well organised and properly planned event.
 My only criticism is that for a "steam and vintage show" they didn't have a lot of steam stuff, and only a limited amount of vintage vehicles.  That said it was easy to park and cheap to go in, and as I've said well organised.  I'll be going again next year if I can.

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